Stadia by Google – The Cloud Gaming Service

Google has launched something out of the box. The Stadia is no box, it is limitless, and it is outstanding. Stadia is no more the thing of the future, it is launching in 2019. In the event held by Google, they revealed some amazing features, here are the complete details. What is the Stadia? You […]

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Avoid WhatsApp Hacking, improve whatsapp security, the planet today

Avoid WhatsApp Hacking by following simple steps – Message by PTA

Whatsapp – The best messaging application WhatsApp is perhaps the most secure messaging app and is most widely used among people. It is known for its variety of features, but let’s face it, every messaging app is now offering similar features. You would see a call and video button on every messaging app. Apart from […]

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Fastest Type C charger

The Most Fastest Charger – Take Benefits from Type C charger

The modern age is all about fast, compact and reliable devices. Also, a single piece of hardware can now perform multiple functions. Take the example of a smartphone that has now become a professional camera and an office suite. In this era, we have all had to take time to plug in our USB cable […]

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The largest Terabyte Flash Drive Ever

We have seen external Hard drives, the size of a wallet, that have become trending and people are using it in abundance. Transferring large amounts of data and games are now done through external Hard drives rather than Flash Drives. As we discussed earlier, the Flash Drive or the SSD (solid state drive) are faster […]

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Spotify to release its in-car Music Player this year

The most famous music streaming service Spotify is now going to launch its own music hardware later this very year. Rumors about Spotify’s in-car music player are all around and it also claims that it will be available in $100. How is it going to prove helpful to its users? Sources claimed that Spotify users […]

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Twitter is testing a new feature to track down fake tweets

Spread of fake news via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook has been a viral trend over the past few years. Some social media users tend to spread fake news regarding celebrities, politicians and other influential figures. Most of the time we often read a story that “that” celebrity/politician has died or was […]

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JK Rowling: the women who proved that failure cannot hinder success

J.K Rowling has become one of the names in the art of story writing which does not need an introduction. People, be it kids, youth or elderly, have acknowledged her work. She is the writer of the famous Harry Potter series. The series was such a hit that series of movies and even games were […]

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Lamborghini – The History

Lamborghini was founded by Ferrucio Lamborghini who was born in a family of farmers. Ferrucio had interest in mechanics rather than his family work. He used to work on his father’s tractor out of interest and also attended a technical school to learn more skills. He started working at the Italian Airforce as a mechanic […]

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Albert Einstein – Reckoned as the most intelligent person

Albert Einstein is a name of a person who proved himself to be a genius. Even after almost 62 years of his death, people proclaim him as one of the most genius person alive on earth. The great mathematical physicist gave new path to the field and indeed made remarkable achievements. People could not believe […]

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Elon Musk – The most innovative entrepreneur

The founder of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, Elon Musk has a net worth of $21.5 billion. Elon Musk is one of the most renowned names in science and technology. Musk started his entrepreneurial journey after dropping out of Stanford and launching his first company, Zip2 Corporation which was an online city guide. After the company […]

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Sports News

How much were the PSL franchises sold for and how do the owners earn from it?

The PSL started in 2016 with 5 teams and later in 2018 the sixth team was introduced. A lot of money is at stake with the the very exciting PSL. It is very intriguing to know how much were the PSL franchises sold for and who are their owners. The Planet Today has come up […]

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PSL 2019 V/s India War – Give Your opinion whether we need to continue PSL Final in Pakistan or not?

The ongoing Indo-Pak conflict after 14 February 2019 militant attack in Jammu and Kashmir is really affecting both the nations. Where Pakistan is demanding for peace, India is showing Stubbornness unknowingly that this will affect both the countries financially as well as it will also cause a lot of collateral damage. Amidst the ongoing situation […]

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Comparison of PSL Points Table 2018 and PSL 2019 – Improvements and Losses

The 3rd season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) was played in 2018. There were six teams and each team played a total of 10 matches in the group stages. The top four teams on the table qualified for the play offs, with the top 2 teams having an added benefit of staying in the […]

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PSL 2019 Teams and Categories – Details

The PSL 2019 will be kicking off with 6 teams which is the same as the PSL 2018 edition. The six PSL 2019 Teams are Islamabad United (two time champions), Peshawar Zalmi (Champions of PSL 2017), Karachi Kings, Quetta Gladiators, Multan Sultans and Lahore Qalandars. Since the start of PSL in 2016, only one team […]

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PSL 2019 Schedule – Matches scheduled in Lahore shifted to Karachi!

UAE Timings Day: 4 30 pm PST / Night: 9 pm PST Pakistan Timings Day: 2 pm PST /Night: 7 pm PST All PSL matches scheduled in Lahore now shifted to Karachi! On Sunday 3rd March, PCB chairman Ehsan Mani announced that all matches that were scheduled to be played in Lahore are now shifted […]

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PSL Points table 2019 latest

PSL Points Table 2019 – Winners Prize Money & Schedule (Latest Details)

PSL 2019 Points Table Have a look at : PSL 2019 Schedule PSL 2019 Play-Offs Play-Offs are played by the top 4 teams in the points table. So, after having played two matches with each team, the top 4 teams enter the play-offs. In PSL 2019, the first match will be between team 1 and […]

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