January 17, 2021

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15 companies that have asked their workers to work from home indefinitely

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, many major companies asked its workers to adopt work from home policy. However, some have planned for their employees to work from home for a longer period.

Such companies have also said that they have no immediate plans to call employees to their offices. Here is the list of 15 major and well-known companies that have asked their workers to work from home.

List of companies that have WFH during COVID-19

Google Inc.

Google extended its work from the home policy on July 27 for an entire year. At first, Google announced its employees to return to the San Francisco Bay Area in July 2020.

Later the announcement was changed. Now the employees don’t have to return to the San Francisco Bay area. The employees are ordered to WFH throughout this year and not to return to offices before June 2021.


CEO Rich Barton of Zillow, a real estate Company, made an announcement in April 2020 and asked his workers to WFH throughout this year. Later, on July 29, the company announced that it will allow its workers to WFH permanently.


A well-known and International news organization, Reuters also announced to provide an opportunity to its users to work from home throughout this year.


Twitter said to its employees in May 2020 to adopt work from home policy indefinitely. The company has also suspended all its events and business travels throughout this year.

Square as Work from home company

Square led by the Twitter CEO also announced to adopt the same remote work policy throughout this year and even after the offices open.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement for its employees allowing them to work from home. The announcement was made in May that is planned to be followed throughout this year.


The initial announcement made by Amazon planned to make its workers work from home until October. Later the date was extended to January 8, 2021.


Spotify, a famous music streaming service also announced the same work from home policies. It asked its workers to work from home until 2021. The company further announced some policies of reopening the offices. It said the offices in every city will follow the guidelines set up by the government to reopen.


Salesforce, a famous sales and marketing company that provides its services in more than 160 locations worldwide made an announcement in May 2020. It announced to offer its workers an opportunity to work from home throughout 2020.


In May 2020, Microsoft announced to allow its workers to work online from any place until October 2020.

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Hitachi a Japanese electronics company allowed its workers to adopt work from house policy during this pandemic. 70% of the company’s employees are committed to working remotely permanently.


Mastercard planned to allow its workers to work at the ease of home until they feel comfortable returning to the offices.


A famous research company Nielsen has planned to allow its workers to work remotely. The company has future plans to turn its NewYork offices into meeting places for its employees and allow its workers to WFH even after the pandemic ends.

Nationwide Insurance

In May 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Nationwide Insurance announced to downsize from its 20 offices to just four. It has also ordered the majority of its workers to work remotely.


A cryptocurrency exchange company, Coinbase, is making permanent arrangements for its workers to WFH. The CEO of the Company Brian Armstrong made an announcement in May that the company will offer office-based work for those who would like to come to the office during lock downs while those who feel easy to work remotely can be adjusted.