Day: May 25, 2019

Health & fitness

10 Drinks that help to clean the Kidneys

The Kidneys are two bean-shaped small organs located just below the ribcage one on each side of the spine. They are of the size of a fist but play a vital role in your body. Kidneys filter the blood in our body, remove waste and extra fluid and transform the waste into urine. They are […]

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google food delivery

No need to download mobile app for food, Google search and google assistant will do it for you

Ever thought you could just tell the Voice Assistant on your phone to order food from your favorite restaurant and BAM it’s done? Well, guess what, Google has now made this possible! Now, you can order food directly from Google Search, Google Maps and Google Assistant. Google has partnered up with DoorDash, Postmates,, Slice, […]

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