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10 hottest cities of the world-2022. Three from Pakistan and four from India


Summers are here in the Northern hemisphere of the world. While the people of Asia were bidding farewell to the winters, they knew that this time summers were unexpectedly hot. The summers were not good at all. The seasonal change was sudden and people have been complaining about it.

In Asian countries, the winters last till February, March to April is the season of springs and then there are summers. This unusual seasonal change is speculated to recoding breaking hot weather. And to no surprise, Asian countries, especially India and Pakistan are breaking records of heat this year. Among the top ten hottest countries, as per today’s record, 6 belong to India and Pakistan.

Here is a table for the Top hottest countries, as per weather of MAY, 2022:

top 10 hottest cities of the world

Pakistan’s Jacobabad ranks the hottest country of the world with a temperature of 48 degrees Celsius. The other 2 cities fromĀ  Pakistan are Rohri and Sibi. While 4 Indian cities are making to top 10 hottest cities.

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