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A fatal disease like cancer can be prevented through healthy lifestyle-Research


Cancer is indeed one of the most alarming diseases. The disease has eaten up lives of many around the globe.  The United States revealed that 609,640 cancer patients died in 2018 out of 1,735,350 total victims.

It is not true that all types of cancers are fatal. Indeed there are many which can be cured when diagnosed at the early stages. But then, why become a victim of such a painful disease when one can have themselves safeguarded against it. For sure those who have survived against their battle of cancer have gone through expensive treatments, emotional breakdown, and stress. Their goals and lives get affected. The victim and the family go through a hard time.

When one can save themselves from the deadly disease, then why not make an effort to prevent one from it? Research reveals that the disease can be prevented through simple measures. The foremost being healthy lifestyle.

Yes, a simple and healthy lifestyle will make you less vulnerable to falling prey to cancer. Here are few tips from doctors to prevent cancer cells from forming in your body. Remember that such measures will help you tackle multiple cancers. Most of these recommendations are provided by Karen Collins, who is the nutritional advisor for the American Institute for Cancer Research

1.Avoid Tobacco and use limited alcohol

Tobacco can cause multiple types of cancers such that of mouth, lungs, throat and Also, alcohol tends to weaken your body. If one is to consume it, a glass per day is enough.

2.Enjoy a healthy weight

Being underweight is as much dangerous as being overweight. Men and women should maintain a healthy weight. Men’s waist shall not go beyond 37 inches and women’s should be less or equal to 32 inches.

3.Be active physically

Physical exercise is important for your body to grow strong. As much as you deem your mental exercise on social media important, deem physical exercise important as well. Take 30 minutes out for a workout.

4.Avoid soft drinks and sugary juices

Take natural drinks and fresh juices instead. These drinks do not cause cancer directly and can be consumed once in a while but avoid them as much as you can.

5.Eat vegetables and fruits

All fruits and vegetables tend to benefit us in one way or the other, so do not restrict yourself to one or two veggies or just an apple a day. Add variety in your diet.

6.Avoid red meat and processed food

Red meat is hard to digest yet is essential for the body to be taken after certain days. You can add chicken and seafood in your diet to cut down red meat and processed food.

7.Avoid salty food

Food that is processed in sodium shall be well avoided. Also, make sure you do not take too much salty food.

8.Do not take cancer protective medicines

the supplements are not bad or cause cancer, but there is no proof that they actually protect you against cancer. If at all you want to be protected, intake vitamin D supplements after consulting your doctor.

9.Do not go under direct sunlight

The sunlight from 10 am to 4 pm is risky. Avoid the sun at that time!

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