Sunday, September 24

A high-level of distrust towards Muslims in America


A recent study conducted by the New America Foundation and the American Muslim Initiative announced that a large number of non-Muslim Americans are anti-Muslims and clearly express their hatred against Islam. The survey stated that nearly 56 % of the individuals in the US claimed that Islam was compatible with the norms and culture of America while 42% said that Islam is incompatible with their culture.

It also stated that about 74% acknowledged Muslims face a lot of racism and intolerance and 56 % of Americans were concerned about the spread of extremism in the American Muslim Community. The Republicans of America view Islam and American Muslims negatively with over 70% thinking Islam is incompatible with American values.  56% republican also stated that they would be concerned if a mosque was built in the neighborhood. About 60% believed that US Muslims were patriotic and 40% think that Muslims are not as Patriotic with the nation like others.

Majority of the Republicans also disagreed with the statement that having more than 100 Muslim candidates in the midterm election is a positive thing. The survey also found that just below half of the Americans actually knew a Muslim.

Robert Mc Kenzie, a senior fellow at the New American Foundation warned that knowing a Muslim personally does not necessarily link with positive views on Islam.

Rabiah Ahmad, an American Muslim media relations specialist gave an interview to Al Jazeera tv in which she expressed that it is rising Islamophobia and it had consequences beyond the Muslim community. She said Islamophobia is not just a Muslim problem but it is an American problem as well, and there is a need to address all the sectors of the society.

Rabiah Ahmad also claimed that politicians, segments of the media and religious leaders from other communities had played a role to promote anti-Muslim bigotry which should be stopped now.

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