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Are selfies the reason of girl’s obsession with looking good and thin?


We will have to admit that girls are more obsessed with selfies than boys. Our generation post a selfie on daily basis. It won’t be surprising to see a selfie (or shall I say selfies) on Facebook and Instagram newsfeed every hour or so.

But have you wondered that what impact does this has on our generation? Our young generation is now all concerned about their social-media life and not their social life. They are all concerned about having the “best” picture to post on social media accounts and gain hundreds of likes.

Really? Does that even sound like a reasonable goal?

Today, most of our women are obsessed with weight and looks. Even little girls who should be wondering what to play next and what to study are searching the internet for losing weight and looking beautiful!

The internet is full of weight loss tips, how to look beautiful and no-makeup makeup tutorials!

Why have we set such standards for our females? Being a female does not mean one has to be thin and beautiful! We need to have better goals for our females. Let them know that beauty rests inside. Let them live a healthy life. Let them explore their potentials rather than exploring how to have a perfect figure!

To be honest, our media and social media has made the life of many teens miserable. The young girls who shall be worrying about their studies and future and worried about weight, looks and picture perfect. Our media tends to glamorize the female world. Look at those models, actresses, and others on media: all are skinny, beautiful and most of them have a fair complexion.

Oh yes, if you talk about Asian societies: there is also a race of looking fairer!

Let me tell you what provoked me to write this very article. I was at a wedding last weekend and I was sharing a table with 2 young girls. Both of them were skinny. They sat with us for about 2 hours and during this, all I could observe about them was the “selfie obsession”. They clicked about hundreds of selfies with each other and were busy selecting the best filter and best picture for social media post.

During the 2 hours, we did not have a talk; can you imagine: they were sitting right next to us and we didn’t even have a proper eye-contact. When it was finally lunch time and the food was served, the girls grabbed the food, decorated in the best possible way and then again had a series of photos, but this time of food.

However, they barely eat anything! They had few spoons of salad and said they shall not eat as they have weddings to attend this season and can’t put on weight!

Dear girls!

You all are beautiful. Your beauty lies within your soul. Stop being obsessed with weight and looks. Elevate your goals towards being successful and exploring your potential. Skies are your limits and with empty stomach and this thing in your mind that you are not beautiful you will shatter your confidence. Be confident with what you are and how you are. Groom yourself in best possible way, not by starving yourself and reaching out for products that would make you look fairer and beautiful.

Be yourself, it’s beautiful!

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