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Beer-e-Shifa – A holy well in Saudi Arabia


The water of Beer-e-Shifa is known as Aab-e-Shifa. Aab means water and Shifa means to heal something or healing. The history dates of Beer-e-Shifa dates back to more than 1400 years ago.

Saudi Arabia is a place where thousands of Muslim worshippers move to offer their religious obligations. The two holy cities, Makkah and Madinah located in Saudi Arabia bear great importance for all the Muslims because of the two grand mosques and several other holy sites. We all are quite aware of Zamzam Well and its historical importance. Today in this article, we will talk about Beer-e- Shifa. Beer-e Shifa is a holy well that is also located in Saudi Arabia.

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Location of Beer-e-Shifa

The well is situated around 80 kilometers away from Madinah in Ayla. If you are traveling from Madinah to the place where battle of Badr took place, this well lies in the way.

The historical significance

The water of Beer-e-Shifa is known as Aab-e-Shifa. Aab means water and Shifa means to heal something or healing. The history dates of Beer-e-Shifa dates back to more than 1400 years ago. The well was initially dug by the villagers. The basic need of this well was to provide pure water for villager’s use and for the travelers who used to fetch water passing through the areas.

Unfortunately, the water in the well was bitter at that time but the villagers started consuming the water. According to history, the water was considered poisonous for drinking because the villagers and all those who drank the water from the well claimed severe illness. This was not all, some animals too fell ill after drinking the water from the well.  Hence the well was considered poisonous and unhealthy for use.

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How the poisonous water turned into healing water

There came a time when the Prophet Mohammad PBUH was passing the village with his companions. They stopped to drink water from the well, but the villagers stopped them saying not to drink water from the well because the water is poisonous. At that time, our Holy Prophet PBUH spat in the well and declared the water safe for drinking.

In another saying, Villagers informed the Prophet Mohammad PBUH about the well. He PBUH reached the site to solve the problem and make the water safe for drinking. Hence He PBUH spat in the water, the water lost all its bitterness and unhealthy properties and turned into sweet water.

It was one of the miracles granted to the Holy Prophet. The water in the well-turned sweet and gained some natural healing properties. Thus people named it as Aab-e-Shifa.

The water cures the ill people

People believe that the water of this well has the power to cure the ill. Most people believe that this water can cure all kinds of illnesses. The people who gave this water to their ill animals found them turning healthy. Since people who drank the water and got rid of the illness, they came back to the well to store some water for future use.

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Benefits of the Aab-e Shifa

People who drank the water from the well claimed to have seen several health benefits. They say the water is still in its purest form and clean from all the germs and bacteria. It has shown magical healing powers to its users. The water is a good source of calcium and keeps you active throughout the day. The well water is very effective in treating several ailments. Some people say that well water therapy is good for pains and abnormalities in the body.

Hadith about Aab-e-Shifa

Although there is no such hadith that can explain Prophet PBUH blessed this well but people say history is a fact. Many historians have also claimed that people are using Aab-e-Shifa for curing ailments for the last 1400 years.

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