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Countries with the highest crime rates!


Crime takes place in all parts of the world. The reasons and types of crimes may be different yet they have an effect on the people living there. In countries where the crime rate is high, people feel insecure. And then, less and less people would be attracted to that place. We all love peace and want to live in a peaceful place.

For those of us who wish to travel would rather stay home than being robbed or murdered at a foreign insecure place. Travelers shall be equipped with this general information so that they could choose their destination place smartly.

So here are the top 5 Countries with the Highest Crime Rates. We don’t say you shall not go there or so, but at-least you should know so that you can be careful during your stay.


  1. South Africa

Even though the highest crime rate countries are US and Canada, however the most prevalent crime there is theft. So, when theft is taken out, the country that hits the top of the list is South Africa.

South Africa has the highest murder rate around the world. The number of murders since 2011 have increased with an increase in population. Also the women there are most vulnerable to rape. The highest rape rates have been reported in South Africa. The major concern there is that there is a widespread of HIV/AIDS there. A woman being raped there has a 25% of chance of being raped by an HIV/AIDS carrier.

Rape of young girls and even female children is also common there. Other high crimes in South Africa are kidnapping and car stealing.

  1. Honduras

The Central American country has the highest murder ratios. The gang activities there are alarming and has caused the homicides ratio to topple at 90 per 100,000 people.

The second most popular issue of the country is drug and its drug addicts.

  1. Venezuela

Even though the country’s rating has now improved as it was in 2013 the most insecure country of the world according to the Gallup. The murder rates are also high. This is all attributed to poor political conditions.

Drug trafficking is also a great concern there. The foreigners are also made victim of murder, kidnapping and theft.

Kidnapping there is unreported. According to UN, 80% of kidnapping cases are unexpressed in Venezuela.

  1. Belize

The small country with small population yet high crime rates. The UN office on Drugs and Crimes reports the country as one of the highest murder rate countries of the world. Vices like human trafficking, drugs, and gang activities are very much prevalent in the country.

  1. India

The Asian country has the highest number of rape cases. Women there feel insecure and are often made victim of rape/ gang rape.

There have been multiple tragic incidents reported in the county upon rape. The experts are of view that most of the rape cases go unreported and after every 22 minutes a girl is made victim of rape in India. It is also said that women are not secure in buses of India: they are subjected to sexual harassment. The drug related crimes are also high in India.

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