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Covid-19 Vaccine in Pakistan – This Month

It is more than a year since the coronavirus pandemic has shattered the world. As a result, now with the arrival of the coronavirus vaccine, we are hoping for a better future. Coronavirus vaccination has started in several countries. Finally, Pakistan has also announced a good news for its citizens. The government of Pakistan has revealed the news about the Covid-19 vaccine to reach Pakistan by the end of this month. The Government of Pakistan has finally revealed the date for the arrival of the Covid-19 vaccine in Pakistan. Dr. Nausheen Hamid, the Parliamentary Secretary for Ministry of National Health Services informed that the government has finalized the procurement orders for the Covid-19 vaccine. The first shipment of the vaccine will reach Pakistan by the end of January 2021.

Vaccine name not specified

However, Doctor Nausheen Hamid did not specify the vaccine any further. She did not specify from which country and which vaccine the country will procure. Although there are some unconfirmed news, that Pakistan will receive the Sinopharm vaccine from China. As on December 2020, Pakistan Science and Technology Minister, Fawad Chaudhary specified procurement plans for the Chinese vaccine.

Who will receive the Covid-19 vaccine first?

According to Dr. Nausheen Hamid, during the first phase of the vaccination drive, all the frontline healthcare workers will be injected with the vaccine. She said the government is currently working on a database of all the public and private medical workers.

China’s Sinopharm Vaccine

In December 2020, China declared the approval of the Covid-19 vaccine by Chinese National Pharmaceutical Giant Sinopharm. The vaccine was approved safe for public use. It is China’s first general approval for the homemade jab. The country hopes to inoculate the world’s largest population.

Pakistan: the third country to receive Sinopharm vaccine

China is looking forward to share its vaccine with other countries at a very fair price. The UAE was the first country to roll out the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine for public use claiming it 86 percent effective for public use. Bahrain became the second country whereas Pakistan will be the third country to roll out the Sinopharm vaccine.

Pakistan to purchase 1.2 million doses of Chinese vaccine

A week before the announcement made by Dr Nauseheen Hamid, Fawad Chaudhary announced to purchase 1.2 million doses of Chinese company Sinopharm vaccine. During his Tweet, he announced.
“The cabinet Committee has decided to purchase 1.2 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine from the Chinese Company Sinopharm. All the frontline workers will receive the vaccine free of cost in the first quarter of 2021.” Covid-19 vaccine in Pakistan

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