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Election commission of Pakistan shares shocking asset details of political parties and leaders!


The election commission of Pakistan has disclosed the asset details of political parties and leaders. Indeed the detail is no less than a shock to the people of Pakistan. The people are amused by the ultra-amazing asset holding of their leaders while the general public suffers from decade long poverty.

Pakistan is a not a rich country, rather it is a poor one. The country owes millions of loans to other countries and IMF. The country has a huge revolving deficit. Yet, if you look at the asset details of the leaders, you might as well be shocked!

According to the 2018 report of Election Commission of Pakistan over assets holding of political leaders for year 2016-17, The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz held the most assets. It has been declared as the richest political party of Pakistan.

  • The richest political party, PML-N, holds assets worth Rs220.21 million.
  • PTI holds second position with total assets worth Rs110.64 million.
  • The famous PPP also holds the significant third position with asset holding of Rs160.52 million.
  • The PPPP assets were disclosed as Rs70.92 million.
  • PML-Q as Rs50.81 million.
  • Sheikh Rashid’s AML held assets worth Rs288,268,

Last we have the not so old Pak Sarzameen Party with asset declaration of Rs3.56 million.

Asset details of senators, MNAs and MPAs

Imran Khans’ assets totaled as Rs30.86 million. His foreign accounts are filled with $ 379.78 while his local accounts have money toppling to Rs20.94 million.

Hamza Shehbaz has Rs410.154 million as his total assets. His bank accounts are filled with as much as Rs4.73 million.

Saleem Mandiwala who is the senate deputy chairman holds assets worth Rs30 million.

The state’s Law Minister has assets of Rs170 million.

The very famous Shehryar Afridi has no less than Rs10.59 million as his total assets.

Raja Zafarul Haq who is PML-N Chairman has assets worth Rs40 million.

Captain retired Safdar of PML-N holds mighty assets worth Rs870.488 million.

The outspoken Sherry Rehman who is the PPP leader and Senator has Rs770 Million as assets.

The ANP leader Ghulam Ahmed Bilour comes prominent in the race of asset holding with assets worth Rs200.97 million.

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