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What happens to your skin when you use expired makeup?

Makeup or cosmetic has become an essential need of every woman nowadays. Makeup has been used since a long time but in this century many variations and new innovations have been introduced in the cosmetic industry. If we talk about girls, all they need is to look beautiful, enhance their beauty naturally or artificially using some of the man-made cosmetic products. As we all are aware of the facts that cosmetics products are generally a mixture of chemical compounds. Using the same product for a long time can harm our skin but still, there are some girls and woman who tend to use expire makeup for a long time. Have you ever noticed what would happen to you if you use expired makeup for a long time? Here are some tips for you.


First of all, I will talk about the foundation. Foundation usually contains SPF or salicylic acid to give you a fine look. When the SPF expires, it does not protect you from the sun rays. Besides this, all the molecules in the product can break down to something harmful that can have a reaction with your skin. It could lead to irritation and inflammation leaving scars, bumps, rash, blisters, and sometimes pimples behind. It is said that cream based foundation does not last for a long time. However, the expiry date is mentioned but still when the base starts to crack down or smell witty, discard it.


As a woman, I have always read that a girl should not use her mascara for more than 3 months because it comes in contact with your eyes. So, if you love your eyes you should always discard your mascara after every 3 months to prevent irritation or infections such as blepharitis.


An eyeliner should be replaced after every 6 to 12 months in order to prevent your eyes from unnecessary infections.


Now here you can relax for a while and you don’t have to worry about your blush expiration because powder products do not contain any moisture, oil or humectants that invite germs or bacteria to cause an infection. Makeup experts say if your blush gets expired it will become hard and give poor application. Still, you have to take care of its expiry date.

Eye shades

The properties of Eye shades are similar to the blush powder but experts say that you should discard your eyeshades after 12 months or when they reach their expiry date because they are close to your eyes, so you should better prevent before getting any risk.

Lipsticks and lip gloss

Lipsticks are good to use up to a year. After that, it starts to dry out or give a smell. Lipsticks wax also has a tendency to attract bacteria and cause several problems. However, it also gets inside your mouth causing throat infection and allergic reaction if used for more than a year. For personal hygiene avoid sharing your lipsticks with others. For Lip Gloss if you are a single user of it, and keep it clean, you can use it for a long time but not at the time when it looks cloudy or smelly.

Nail paint

Nail paint can be used up to 2 years. Yet using expire nail polishes does not harm you but it changes its color or gets dry or thick and give an ugly application.

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