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Hundreds of extinct animals found alive in Honduras Rainforests

Many species that went extinct for the last few years have now been discovered by a group of scientists in a lost city deep within a rainforest in Honduras.

The scientists were exploring ancient city in Honduras

The Conservative International’s Rapid Assessment Program (RAP) sent a team of scientists for exploring an ancient settlement known as “The Lost City of the Monkey God” or “White City”. The scientists were there for three weeks during which they found a diverse variety of wildlife. In the Mosquita Rainforest in Honduras. White City was home to different ancient civilizations in the pre-Columbian Era.

The species found in the forest

Some of the species were entirely new to science while some were extinct species. The scientists also found the species that went extinct some years ago. They discovered 246 species of butterflies and moths. 30 species of Bats, 57 species of amphibians and reptiles.

Three extinct species also found in Honduras

Among the extinct animals, scientists say that they have discovered an entire new specie of fish. Besides this, there are twenty-two other species of animals that have never been spotted in Honduras before. Among them, the one is Great Green Macaw. They also found three unique species that were thought not living in Honduras.
The three were the pale-faced bat, the false Tree Coral Snake, and a tiger Beetle. These three creatures were only found in Nicaragua and were thought to be extinct. No one ever thought that they would be able to see them again in Honduras.

RAP called for the protection of the wildlife

Trond Larsen, the director of the RAP, said their team was shocked to witness the sheer amount of animal species here. The diversity of this area’s wildlife made it a high priority for conservation.
The director claimed that one main reason to find such diversity of wildlife and different species is that the forest of the White City remains pristine. The scientists too jumped through the helicopter and a member of RAP called for strong protection to allow the newly found wildlife to thrive. However, this area must be protected so that no harm comes to these unique and thought-to-be extinct animals.
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