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Face Masks and COVID-19 – The Right Face Mask for you

During this pandemic, face masks have become our necessity. It is a main preventive measure to remain safe from the Covid-19. Wearing a face mask can lower the risk of getting infected with the deadly virus. Apart from other preventive measures, a face mask should also be worn strictly.

Why is it must to wear face masks?

Every sick and healthy person should wear a face mask because it can reduce the risk of transmitting germs to others. The risk of transmission is reduced to less than 10%. It is clear that the Covid-19 virus spreads through droplets released from the infected person while talking, sneezing, coughing, laughing, and spitting.  Thus if an infected person wears face masks, it reduces the the risk of viral transmission. On the other side, if a healthy person wears a face mask, his risk of catching the coronavirus germs also reduce to a major extent.

Asymptomatic and Pre-symptomatic transmission:

Moreover, studies have shown that the incubation period of corona virus is 10 to 15 days. The person infected with the virus started showing symptoms within 10 to 15 days but at this point, he can infect several other people with the virus. Covid-19 has spread to every part of the world and there are greater chances that Asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people are always present around us. Asymptomatic people do not develop any symptom because of their strong immune system but they are capable of infecting several others with the virus just like pre-symptomatic people who are most contagious before developing the symptoms.

How does face masks work?

As we have already discussed that the coronavirus spreads through tiny droplets. The infected person sends the tiny droplets of the coronavirus in the air through talking , sneezing or coughing . When a healthy person is near the infected person he can easily inhale the germs and fall ill. This is the reason masks are must recommended everywhere.
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Mask covers the nose and the mouth. When a person wearing a mask talk, sneezes, or coughs, the droplets of the virus remain blocked within him to his mask. Similarly, a healthy person wearing the mask loses the chances of catching the germs.

What types of face masks are best for protection?

Three types of masks are common nowadays. Now we will talk about their ultimate protection and their features whether it is safe to use or not.
  • Surgical face masks:
A surgical mask is common everywhere. It is also called personal protection equipment. People feel comfortable while using surgical masks because they fit easily and cover their mouth and nose properly. However, surgical masks act as a shield to protect from the germs released by coughing or sneezing of the infected person. On the other side, it is also a truth that surgical masks are safe to use in COVID-19 but they do not provide the ultimate protection for all types of germs. They act as a shield against the larger germs particles but not the tiniest ones.
surgical face masks for Covid 19
  • Cloth face masks:
Cloth masks are also becoming popular in the market. People can design according to their wish or even use the fabric of their choice to design their masks. Although people are unaware of the fact that cloth masks are unsafe to use. This mask does not block the germs or even the coronavirus that is sent into the air by the infected person. However, if you do not find any surgical mask then you must go for a cloth mask. It is better to cover your mouth and nose with something rather than leaving it exposed to germs. Cloth mask is capable of providing 10% to 20% protection from germs.
Cloth face mask
  • N95 Respirator:
N95 Respirators are the safest type of mask that can provide 95% protection from germs. Easy to wear these masks come with filters installed inside it. The filters easily filter out even the tiniest pathogens present in the air. These respirators are not available in the market easily. Filter respirators are for the health workers and for the first responders. Every country is facing the shortage of N95 respirators. It is our foremost duty not to store these masks but to reserve them for the doctors, nurses, police me, workers, healthcare worker sand others who are on duty and face the different type of people. General public should avoid getting or using these respirators.
N95 respirator face mask for Covid-19

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