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How can 5G transform our lives?


What is 5G?

5G or the 5th Generation networks are the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable connections on smartphones and other devices than ever before. It is said that it will be providing up to 10 GBps download speed. However, we can expect much more. Here is a complete guide on 5G! The 5G networks will revolutionize the world of internet and technology in dynamic ways. Our complete guide on 5G will give you all the information you need regarding 5G networks.

Amazing Features of 5G!

How will 5G change our lives?

According to the latest research, here is how 5G will revolutionize our lives:
  1. How fast is 5G? As 5G is 100 times faster than 4G, thereby one would be able download high-definition movies and heavy files within seconds. Speeds will range up to 10 Gbps. Currently testing is going on in various areas including the Middle East and America. They have experienced amazing speeds. Trials have even seen speeds going up to 70 Gbps.
  2. Environment Friendly: 5G would be greener and will consume less power. Also, 5G is capable of consuming less power than 4G and 3G, it would be consumer and environmental friendly. Less CO2 emissions makes 5G environment friendly .
  3. Medical revolution: Through 5G, medical assistance will be reaching patients anywhere and at any time. Remote surgeries would become practical and efficient. Delivery of medical supplies to remote areas would be possible through connected drones.
  4. Improving environment: 5G will also help in monitoring the air quality of the cities. This, in return, would help the officials to respond to air hazards efficiently and on-time.
  5. Easy Mining: It would be able to provide reliable connection at places where connectivity is hard to reach. Miners can benefit from it as 5G would help them connect anywhere in the world. This will make mining safer and easier. This is great news as today, mining is one of the most difficult professions with least life expectancy.
  6. 5G Controlled vehicles: The best of all is that not only kids, but adults would be able to enjoy remote control vehicles and machines. This would not require humans to reach dangerous places by themselves, but send machines for it.

Latest News related to 5G!

When can we expect 5G to rollout?

With all the development on 5G networks and 5G enabled devices in pipeline, it is expected that fully functional 5G networks will get launched by 2020. Also Apple Inc. and Intel have declared that their 5G smartphones and devices will launch not before 2020.

Are there 5G Mobiles available?

Even though Apple and Intel are back in the race of launching 5G enabled smartphones, yet Samsung, Huawei and LG have already launched their 5G enabled smartphones. Samsung S10, Huawei Mate X and LG V50 ThinQ are the first 5G enabled smartphones.
It is anticipated that these smartphones will do a great business as people will invest in them rather than investing in the smartphones that are not supporting 5G connectivity.

Which countries are equipped with 5G?

Till date, no country is fully equipped with 5G network. However, there is a race among the countries to launch their 5G networks as soon as possible. It is expected that South Korea would lead the race. Other than South Korea, China, Japan, the Middle East and United States would be the ones launching 5G connectivity soon.

Cost of 5G

Is 5G expensive or cheap?

well, 5G is expensive. According to the latest news, Verizon will launch its 5G mobile service on 11th of April, but it will only be available in two cities at first, which are Chicago and Minneapolis. To use the 5G service at launch, you’ll have to pay $50 for “the Verizon-exclusive 5G Moto Mod,” which can be attached to a Motorola Moto Z3, a phone that Verizon sells for $480. Thereby, the initial users of 5G will be going through a lot of costs over 5G use.
Other cities of US will experience 5G by mid or end of 2019.

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