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How does Google pay work? complete guide 2023!


People often talk about how good Google pay is. But how does Google pay work? Is it better than Apple Pay? All questions regarding how does Google pay work are answered below!

What is google pay?

Before moving to how does Google pay, lets see what Google pay actually is!

Google pay (G Pay) is an online payment system which is powered by Google. It enables users to pay through their devices online. There is no need to carry cash in your wallets you can pay anywhere anytime through your devices. You don’t need to worry if you left your wallet at home or lost your wallet google pay is there for you.

how does google pay work?

Google pay has introduced its new technology near field communication (NFC). It helps users just to touch their devices against NFC readers when they need to purchase anything, and their payment will be done.

Google pay is free, and anyone could use it. To use Google pay you just need an android device with NFC and a credit or debit card. Users have to link their credit and debit cards with google accounts to pay through NFC in stores.

Google pay is safe to use. Security is the main priority your details your name and credit number will be not visible while paying through NFC. Transactions are also very easily done and safe to do within the app.

Transactions are made safer by using “Tokenization”. Tokenization is used to keep your information safe from hackers or merchants where you are using google pay. It uses a virtual account number instead of using your actual account number.

Google pay is available throughout the world. More than 30 countries are currently using google pay. Throughout the US you can send or receive money to anyone anywhere through the app. Google pay service is available for all major banks’ credit and debit cards.

Now let’s answer how does Google pay work…

How does google pay work?

Google pay is one of the most popular online payment systems. Using Google pay is very easy here are a few steps. Here is how does google pay work!

  • You need an android device that is compatible with NFC.
  • Then you need a Google account and link your credit/debit card with your Google account.
  • Then you have to download the app from the play store and set up Google pay by reading the instructions.
  • Once you are finished setting up your account you have to add your card number and personal information and now you are ready to your payments with Google pay in stores or within apps.
  • Once you have completed all the steps listed above now when you have to pay at any store you can pay just by simply holding your device above the NFC reader the app will ask for your pin and you are good to go.

Google pay is very useful and easy to use but this digital technology cannot replace your credit/debit cards and your physical money. What if you lost your phone and someone access your account and take all the money? You need to have a strong password for your phone and try not to give your phone to strangers you should not carry more money in your account just keep the amount of money you need. Hope it makes sense that how does Google pay works!

Setting up a google pay account

Before knowing how does Google pay work, we need to know how to set up a Google pay account! .Setting up a google pay account is also very easy. It will not take much of your time you can set up your account only in a few minutes. After downloading the app from the play store when you open it, it will ask for basic information like your full name, phone number, etc.

Then you will be asked to set up a strong password and a security check will be done. After providing all the required information you have to link your account to your credit/debit card. linking your card is also very easy you can either enter the card number manually or you can scan your card from your device camera. After completing all the steps your account is ready to use and you can do payments with Google pay.

While setting up your account all the information should be accurate, and you should double-check your name phone number account number so there are no complications later.

Is Google pay better than apple pay?

Now that we know how does Google pay work, lets see if Google pay is better than apple pay!  Both google and apple pay are the two most used online payment apps. Both of these companies are competing in the market. Google Pay is compatible with android devices whereas apple pay is compatible with IOS devices.

Google pay can be used on any android device and there is a broad range of android devices in the market like Samsung LG OPPO and many more, but apple pay can only be used on apple devices. It gives google pay a plus point as it can be used by a wider range of people.

how does google pay work

Both apps are giving great services to their customers. Apple pay is limited whereas google pay is used everywhere like small businesses.

On the other hand, apple also has some plus points. Apple pay services are limited but provide much faster service, which can help you in busy areas. Other than that Apple pay has worked more on the safety and security of their customers while using apple pay none of your information is stored in your device and it produces a random number on your every purchase. Which makes apple pay more fast and secure.

 Winding up how does Google pay work?

Google pay is an excellent service, it saves you time. Using google pay is much easier anyone could use it. It is free to use and there are no charges on your transactions.

When you use google pay you should be aware of where your phone is, and you should have a strong password for your mobile so no one could steal your money. If you want easy accessibility, then you could go for Google pay but if you are concerned about safety and security and you want your work done easily and fast then you should go for Apple pay. Which service will you opt for? The choice is yours.

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