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How does Youtube pay? How to make money on YouTube full guide-2023!


How does Youtube pay? Is Youtube paying its content creators? Does Youtube have a payment system? Worried about how Youtube Pay? Let’s start the guide! 

Over the years, YouTube has become one of the greatest platforms from which one can make a big business. Individuals and businesses can make money from YouTube by uploading videos. Understanding how does YouTube pays content creators is the first foremost strategy that every person should follow before creating a YouTube account.
It all starts with creating a YouTube account and it’s super easy, if you want to learn how to create a YouTube channel follow the link “How to start a Youtube Channel?”
But how much do content creators make? Do you get paid for your views? If you are looking for answers, you have come to the right place. This complete guide will help you to learn more about YouTube. Read for more!

Understanding of YouTube ad revenue

To understand how does Youtube pay lets first build up knowledge of Youtube ad revenues.

YouTube pays creators per view of a video but if you have enrolled in the YouTube partner program you can earn by placing ads on your videos which can be seen in every video. When someone watches those ads, the creators get paid. For every $100 earned on advertising pay, YouTube keeps 45% and the creator gets 55% of the revenue.
How much a creator can make on each video depends on many factors. Every YouTuber has CPM, cost per impression, or cost per thousand views, this is a metric that is specific to each of the creators. The CPM can range between $4 to $24 depending on your location and other factors.

YouTube payment requirements.

Still, thinking how does Youtube pay? But first, you will have to comply with the requirements for Youtube payment.

The YouTube partner program allows you to monetize your channel and earn money through ads and other revenue options. There are a few requirements before joining the YouTube partner program, which include:

  •  Your age must be 18 or older, if you are not of the eligible age, you must have a valid parent or guardian contest form.
  • Your channel must have at least 4000 public views in the last 12 months
  • You must have more than or least 1000 subscribers
  • Your AdSense account must be linked to your YouTube account.
  • You must follow YouTube policies including community guidelines.
  • You must live in a place where a YouTube partner program is available.

If you have met all of these requirements, you can fill out an online form to apply for the YouTube partner program.

How much does YouTube pay per video view? How does Youtube pay?

The YouTube payment system is based on AdSense and clicks rather than views. Calculating the amount can be very tricky and this must be on everyone’s mind how much are they going to make.
The revenue depends on many factors, the length and type of ads also determine your revenue. Furthermore, your location can have many factors as different locations have different rates.
Youtubers can make around $0.01 to $0.03 per view.

how does youtube pay

Factors that affect how does Youtube pay!

YouTube ad revenue is determined by many factors, some of which are under the control of the video owner are some are controlled by YouTube. Before you start planning your strategy, these five factors will influence your YouTube ad revenue.

1. Video Length:

The first factor that can influence your YouTube ad revenue is the length of the video. While there is no minimum length for the videos but your video must be 12 seconds long to be eligible for in-stream ads. But generally speaking, making longer videos can give you more space to insert ads and increase your revenue.

2. Video Ad Blocker:

Ad blockers can have a significant impact on your YouTube ad revenue, as more than 615 million people use ad blockers. This prevents YouTube from receiving any revenue from that view.

3. Ad Quality:

Ads quality is based on many factors, including the video’s production value, the relevance of the ad to the video, and the creativity of the ad. If advertisements are well-produced and relevant are most likely to produce more revenue than those which are irrelevant and poorly produced.

4. Video Views:

YouTube pays on the per-per-view system so that’s means that if your video has more views typically more ads were watched, and more revenue generated so views matter as they are connected one way or another.

5. Ad Clicks:

Another ad model that is offered by YouTube is the ad clicks. It doesn’t matter that the viewers watch the ads they just have to click on them this way the more ads your audience clicks the more revenue is generated by you.

Other ways to make money on YouTube!

Well, how does Youtube pay does not end here! There is a number of ways of making money on Youtube! While making money on YouTube through video views and ads is the direct path. But there are other ways to monetize your YouTube channel. Here are some ways that will help you earn more.

1. Sponsorship:

One of the ways to make money on YouTube is through sponsorship, this is when businesses or individuals reach out to you to promote their products or services. In the initial stage, you may have to reach out to them yourself to secure a sponsor. But once your channel has grown sponsors are going to reach out to you themselves.

2. Affiliate Links:

This involves links to products or services in your videos. You can earn a commission when someone clicks on the link and purchases something. Affiliate marketing monetizes videos related to clothes or electronic products. Reviewing products is also ideal for affiliate marketing.

3. Fan Funding:

Fan funding is a kind of monetizing where fans or followers make donations through platforms like Patreon or YouTube channel membership. Fan support can make you a lot of money if you have a very supportive following, you can set up a page or website where people can make donations.

4. Merch Sale:

Finally, you can make money on YouTube by selling merchandise. This can be anything from t-shirts to mugs or books, according to your audience and channel. This can help promote your channel and be a great way of making money. Selling merchandise can help your brand reach celebrity status.

To conclude…How does Youtube pay?

There are many famous YouTubers who are making millions of dollars, it all depends on your hard work and passion. Mr. Beast a famous YouTuber also started from his room making videos, but his hard work made him rise to the top, today he earned approximately $55 million with 109 million subscribers across his different channels.
It is never too late or early it is just that you got that chance now. Read our blog on how to create a YouTube channel here.
Once you have done that follow this blog and you may also rise to the top one day as we have summarized all the important points and aspects that will help you grow along the way. Best of luck on your journey!

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