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How Facebook has been involved in Anti-Muslim Propaganda in India


Whilst Facebook has been under hot bubbles after the whistleblower had come forth with shocking revelations. However, the new findings are rather disappointing.  How Facebook has been involved in anti-Muslim propaganda? For those who don’t have a background, head towards our article on Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth decline.

Who revealed the facts and why can we trust them?

The first thought that comes to our mind while reading something about a renowned company is that it must be fake . And that it must be a propaganda. As we know that famous and rich personalities do have enmities and people do blame them over certain things. Yet the thing is a former employee unveils it all.

The name of the employee is Frances Haugen.  Nonetheless, she has been an ex-Facebook product manager and thereby knows what has been happening Inside the company.  She has, leaked out thousands of papers established on Company’s internal research.

What do these paper say?

These leaked papers tell that Facebook knows about it all. The violence, misinformation and other dangerous content circulating on different pages. But still remains quite. However Investors and stakeholders are innocent. As they were not told about this.

This is impacting the relationship of company with the Politics of US. The congress is doubtful on the erosion of 6th January violence and role of Facebook. Facebook is under investigation and is providing the required documents.

The anti-Muslim Propaganda?

According to Papers, Facebook has always been aware of anti-Muslim activities. Such activities have had a connection with India for years now. Yet, Facebook chooses to ignore it.


What is done cannot be undone. Hoping for better Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) by Facebook and other organizations.

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