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How to Register On Foodpanda? join in Foodpanda


Foodpanda has become one of the favorite online food delivery platform in the country. Now it is empowering all the home chefs to register with Foodpanda and set up their own online food delivery restaurant. Ever since the pandemic and lockdown season, it has accelerated its delivery services for all of its customers. With the help of foodpanda anyone can easily start up their food business and make it a profitable one. If you are looking forward to register with foodpanda then this article will help you a lot. It is all about how to register on foodpanda.

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If you are running a small restaurant and thinking to rev your business services in your city then you can freely join foodpanda and get amaze with their service. Foodpamda is empowering the home chefs to reach the audience without any hassle and using their platform. You will be amazed to know that more than 50% of the home chefs are working with foodpanda and it is their only source of handsome income.

Procedure to register with foodpanda

Follow the procedure to get your restaurant registered with foodpanda.

  • Firstly, visit foodpanda official website and click on signup now
  • After clicking on the “sign up now” option, move forward to the next option
  •  The next page will show a registration form
  • Here you have to fill the registration form. It will require all your business details like business name, city etc.
  • The next step is to upload the restaurant menu. Make sure you have your restaurant menu in soft copy.
  •  After filling up the form, click on “submit form”.
  • Now you will have to wait for foodpanda’s approval.

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Approval and training process

Your business will require an approval process. However, after getting approval, Foodpanda will send you a contract form.  Now you have to read all the rules and regulations carefully. If you are comfortable with all the rules and you do not have any objection then sign the contract and submit through the required method.

Once you have signed the contract form, Foodpanda will call you to give training and make you preview your menu, and provide you with the tablet to receive the orders. Foodpanda will give you proper training through calls. Once your training session gets completed your restaurant will be made live on Foodpanda.

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How does foodpanda work?

Foodpanda will tell you their procedure how it works. The orders will be accepted through the tablet provided. You will have to deliver the order within 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, a food panda rider will arrive at your restaurant to take the order for delivery.

Payment method

Foodpanda will collect the payment and deliver the payment to the owner after every month. Besides this, it also provides all the thorough insight of the performance.

Registering with food panda is fairly simple and easy.  Just follow the above-mentioned steps and enjoy your food business by becoming a food panda chef.

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