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Invest Safely in the Stock Market Through Nurture


Most Pakistanis believe that investing in the stock exchange is not a safe deal. But if we study statistics for the Pakistan Stock Exchange, we come to know that people have received the highest amount of return as compared to other investments. However, if you are willing to invest your amount, read the details here about how to invest in stocks through Nurture.

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What is Nurture?

Nurture is an online market place that is about to introduce an investing opportunity for people to safely invest and it also helps to recover the loss. It enables you to easily invest in stocks with little investment in your hands. Undoubtedly new investors aim to invest and aim for good results as quickly as possible without having any risk and receiving positive correlation. Nurture is a US registered micro-investment and online marketplace that is soon launching in Pakistan.

Nurture is introducing a new concept of investment, known as safe Investing. It lets its users to recover any losses that incur with their investments. It gives them an exclusive discount on their future purchase. In short, it turns your losses into your future purchasing discounts.

How can I receive a discount?

Indeed this question rises in every mind. Here is a short explanation of your question. If you invest PKR 5000 in a particular stock and if you lose 10% of the investments, you will receive the lost 10% as a discount when you pay the Rs 5000 bill with your next purchase. In this way investing in the stock either will make a profit for you or lets you get a discount on your next purchase.  Hence, you will find your investment safe and sound.

What is micro-investing by nurture?


Micro-investing by Nurture means that you can invest with a very little amount. You can start your investment with whatever you can afford. You can build your long-term financial relation and get amazed with two super outcomes. Earn a good profit or get a discount on the loss you suffer.

How to invest in stocks through nurture works?


Nurture allows you to easily and safely invest your small amount of money in a pre-created stock portfolio. You can avail this opportunity through your mobile app.


It allows you to recover your losses when your investments are at loss.

Make payment:

It allows its users to pay through investments instead of cash whenever needed.

Who is the founder of Nurture?

The founder of Nurture is Zahra Ayb a graduate of NUST. She has already filed for the patent in the US and soon it will be launched in Pakistan.

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