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Is Hania Amir dating Asim Azhar? Asim Azhar makes clarifications!

Asim and Hania have been in news, news-feed and rumors lately. Especially after Hania Amir walked the ramp and Asim sang a heart-felt song for her, the fans were speculating a relationship news from them.
Asim Azhar, who is a versatile Pakistani pop singer and has made a mark in the singing industry within no-time has been spotted with the young female actress. The two have some adorable pictures together and they really seem like sharing an equation.

Asim was in the main lead while celebrating Hania’s birthday.

The two look were seen together at a wedding ceremony as well.

And at other places…

Yet, none of them had made official statement regarding their relationship status until now. Asim was interviewed by Haroon Rashid for BBC Asian Network. The 22-years old singer was asked about his relationship with the young and talented actress. The singer, however, looked nervous and said that his heart is beating really fast after hearing this question and thereby addressing it won’t be easy. He just cannot casually answer that question. He, however, added humbly that Hania is a source of positivity for him and it is always good to be around her. They have fun with each other when they are together and are in a total mess. Upon being asked that is he not disclosing his relationship due to social pressure as the dating culture in Pakistan is not widely accepted, the singer had the most reasonable response to it. He said that it is a question that involves her (hania) as well and thereby he cannot make a statement without her consent. He added that there is no social pressure upon him.
Here are his own words over the question: “The only reason I am the way I am right now is only because I respect her,” he added. Any comment, whether yes or no, I would want her consent. here is a complete interview.

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