Wednesday, March 22

Ivanka Trump has been using personal email for White House businesses


If you remember the 2009 electoral campaign of the current US president, Mr. Trump, you would know that he would always bash Mrs. Clinton for using a private server for sending Official emails. He would tell the public that how “serious” the matter was and what the state secretary had done was “bigger than Watergate”.

He would claim that such acts were illegal and were posing a threat to the national security. Even when Clinton and her lawyers assured that over 30,000 emails were personal and not official, Trump called on to Russia to help locate those emails.

Yet, now the same has been done by Ivanka Trump. The president’s daughter has been using her personal email account to send official messages. According to the official’s confirmation, Ivanka Trump has sent hundreds of emails via her personal email to discuss White House business.

When her account and mails were reviewed, it was revealed that she had been using her private address to contact government officials. Her lawyer told that the mails were used to brief the officials regarding the rules.

Some mails therefore seemed to be illegal and against the law.

Trump administration told that she is no more using her personal email to send official mails. Whatever happened was due to lack of understanding of rules.

However, Austin Evers reported that last year it was discovered that Ms. Trump had been using her personal email for sending official mails and that “president’s family is not above the law”.

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