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Lisbon – world’s cheapest place to live!


We all know that the cost of living at a place matters a lot. Even within a country there are places where cost of living differs. We tend to choose a place according to our affordability: but what about choosing a place where the cost of living is lowest?

Forbes 2018 list of the cheapest places to live just came out. Accordingly, there are some places where the cost of living is so low that if you have enough savings, you could might as well live there without working at all!

The list was given out by the Live and Invest Oversea by Panama. The list incorporates 10 countries where one can live without working much and can even retire at an early age. It is basically for the people who wish to settle down and rest! So, if you are among them, you shall go and settle down at Lisbon, Portugal!

The cost of living around Portugal is relatively low which is merely because of the enviable tax situation there. Among the Western Europe, Portugal offers cheapest cost of living. One can enjoy a great life at low income at the beautiful country.

What else does one want? The reports claim that all you need is $1,300 a month to live there. This budget includes basis costs such as rent, food and much more. You can buy an apartment of your own at only $90,000.

Lisbon is the costal capital hilly city which as a number of tourists sites. There are some of the most beautiful pastel painted buildings, a Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge. The National Azulejo Museum is a must to visit as it displays 5 centuries of decorative ceramic tiles. Laying beyond Lisbon are beautiful string of Atlantic beaches, which stretch from Cascais to Estoril.

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