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Need a home for free? Pack up and leave for Japan!


Home and shelter are one of the basic necessities of life. However, it is also the most expensive necessity of life. Owning a house or giving away rent for a shelter is equally tough. One has to allocate a major part of income towards shelter.

For many, having a house of their own is beyond dreaming. This is because of limited resources and the hefty price of the houses.

However, if you are among those who wish to have a home of their own without investing much, why not shift to Japan? Japan is giving away readily built homes to people!

Why Japan is giving houses for free?

Even though this is hard to believe, but it is true. The reason why Japan is giving away free houses is that there are fewer people and more houses in Japan. This is now a decades-old problem in Japan which is growing day by day. In a 2013 official report, there were 61 million houses and only 52 million households.

The situation is getting worse as Japan has an aging population which is expected to decline further. The vacant houses have been growing since time and some rural areas and colonies have become completely vacant.

These ghost houses are known as “akiya” in Japan and now the desperate owners are giving the houses for free to people! This is because when there is such a surplus of anything, its price goes down. And when it is in such an abundance, it becomes worthless.

How to avail the offer?

All you need to do is to visit the Akiya banks. Akiya bank scheme has been initiated since 2014 and now they have spread around the country. The most popular one is located at a 2 hours’ drive from Tokyo.

The banking scheme would help you meet the aging owner and help you get a home for free. The only cost you would have to bear would be the agent’s cost.

Even though most of the houses are located in rural areas, yet most of them are furnished and there are many chances of getting home in urban areas.

However, they prefer people of young age who tend to settle permanently!

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