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Pfizer starts testing of its oral drugs for protection against the Covid-19


Pfizer’s oral drug for Covid-19 prevention

It has been announced by Pfizer on 27th of September,2021 that it has successfully launched the testing of oral drug. This drug is testing its success for preventing the Covid-19 virus. It is specially designed for those who have already contracted the Covid-19 virus.  And thereby it shall protect them for contracting it again.

It is the first oral antiviral drug for the prevention of contracting the COVID-19 infection. It is specifically designed for those who have already contracted it before.

Pfizer is the first drug making company that has launched this antiviral oral drug. While the rival drug makers such as Merck & Co Inc and Roche Holding AG , are on a race. They are also  to develop the pill for protection against the COVID-19.

The testing by Pfizer

The pill named as PF-07321332, shall be tested on 2,660 healthy adult volunteers. The age of these participants shall be 18 and more and shall be healthy. Also, they shall live in the same house as that where an individual is already suffering from the novel virus.

The designed PF-07321332, tends to block the enzymes’ activity responsible for multiplying the virus. This shall be catered with a low dose of ritonavir. Ritonavir is a relatively old medicine that is used to treat infections such as HIV.

So far, in US the only approved drug administered for antiviral treatment of the Covid-19 is the Gilead Sciences Inc’s s remdesivir.

According to the credible news sources, Pfizer is starting testing of PF-07321332.  Dose is given to them who have symptoms but are not hospitalized.

Who else is leading the race?

Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics are also launching their molnupiravir drug testing. It is a late-stage drug that is to  prevent the COVID-19 infection.

Non-hospitalized patients, on voluntary basis are having a dose of it.

There is indeed a ray of hope for tackling the Covid-19 infection and a hope to live normal lives again.

Pfizer logo is reflected in a drop on a syringe needle in this illustration photo taken March 16, 2021. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration

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