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Student Visa in Pakistan: How you can Apply for International Universities?

With the quality of education getting more competitive every day, who does not wish to study in international and top-rated universities like MIT, Harvard, or Oxford. Indeed, it is the desire of every hardworking student because of the quality of education and degree can decide a lot about your future. Living in Pakistan, most of the students are unaware of the student visa procedure to apply for admission to foreign universities. In this article, we will let you know the whole process of how to apply for an international university from Pakistan. Read More: 7 Best Apps to Watch Movies and TV Shows First of all, we want to make that clear, whenever you are applying for a foreign university, you have to search a lot about each and everything. It is not like submitting an application form or appearing in a test. First of all, the applicants must search for leading foreign universities and shortlist some of the universities. The applicant must search for each and everything. This includes the expenses, choosing a degree program, accommodation, and student life. Most of the students in Pakistan think they can’t get admission to any foreign university. Perhaps it is wrong to think without having the right information. Most of the students avail the opportunity to study abroad because of the right information, help, advice, and strategy. Hence, If you are among those willing to study abroad on a student visa then this article is for you, Now here the procedure we are going to mention that you will need to follow to apply to an international university from Pakistan.

Choose degree program

The very first step for you is to select a degree program that suits you or matches your interest. What do you want to study abroad? This is the only first step you have to ponder over because this will let you choose the university that offers the degree program you are looking for. Now here the question arises, how will you come to know about the universities? It is simple and clear. You can easily get the information from the university’s website.

Check degree requirements of the University

After selecting for your degree program, the next step you have to do is to select for the degree requirements. Also check for the admissions opening, admission procedure, student life in the type of degree program, fee structures, and other expenses. This is the most important step because it will let you know whether you are capable to afford all the expenses or not.

Prepare for the standardized tests

Most of the foreign universities require their students to pass an English Language proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL. If the university you are applying for has the prerequisite to pass the following test, then you must get yourself prepare for these tests and pass the test. Secondly, other prerequisites are to pass the SAT for applying for an undergraduate program and GMAT or GRE tests while applying for a Master’s level program.

How to Start the Student Visa application process?

If you have already completed all the prerequisites then you are welcome to start the application process.

Fill application form

Now head over to the university’s official website to fill the application form.

How to Fill the application form?

Most people often get puzzled about the documents or requirements to fill up the application form. At this moment you will need the following documents;
  • Personal details like name, age, etc.
  • Present and permanent address
  • High school and college grades and degree programs
  • IELTS or TOEFL test scores
  •  Preferred degree program
  •  Recommendation letter
  • Motivation letter
  • Required test scores.
If you have all the following documents then you can freely move forward to fill in the application form. Before submitting the application form, you will also have to submit the application fee. Don’t forget to attach copies of the required documents before moving futher.

What is a motivational letter?

Now here most of the students are totally unaware of the motivational letter. A motivational letter or statement of purpose is a type of letter which is usually demanded by most international universities. In this letter the students have to explain their purpose of studying at their university and what would you gain after studying from their university. This motivational letter plays a vital role in your admission process because it helps most of the students to get admission to the university even if their grades are not too good. So all the hardworking students, pay all your effort to write the best motivational letter because it will decide about your acceptance or rejection of the admission application.

What is the interview process?

Most of the universities also demand an online interview with the applicants. Hence you must prepare yourself for the interview as well.

Visa Processing start

After submitting the application process it is must to wait for a response from the university. Once you get an admission confirmation letter from the university, the time to apply for your visa starts.

How to apply for Visa?

To get the required student visa, you must visit your nearest consulate or embassy to apply for the visa of the required country. You must have the following documents to apply for your visa;
  • A valid passport
  • Confirmation letter of University
  •  Bank statement
  • Verified academic documents
  •  Photographs
  •  CNIC

What is the need for a bank statement?

Here, we want to make clear that the bank statement is a necessary step to proceed further with your student visa process. This is because only your bank statement can explain that you have the maximum amount to pay for your studying expenses and also you can bear your living expenses in a foreign country. You must get the bank statement written in English. The application should also be signed and stamped by the bank. Every university requires you to have a maximum amount in your account that can easily explain your ability to afford the expenses.

Wait for the interview

Once you have completed all the above procedures, you will have to wait for a virtual interview. The interview will be called to ask you some questions regarding your education visa request. If the interview gets successful and accepted, you have to pay your semester fee and book your flight ticket.


This is all about the procedure to apply to an international university while living in Pakistan. It is totally an easy process and nothing is difficult at all. It is all about your luck, whether you get accepted or rejected. If you have completed all the prerequisites then there are the least chances for rejection.

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