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The 5 most expensive watches in the world

Watches have always been a luxury statement for men and women. With the advent of mobile phones and smart phones, it was deemed that the trend of wearing watches will vanish. Yet, it never happened and people continued to wear the classy watches. We all know that such things come with a cost, but we did not know that they come with such a hefty cost. There are some watches that are beyond what we might call “expensive”. Here is a look at the 5 most expensive watches in the world

1. Graff Diamonds Hallucination

Here is a sneak peak to the most expensive watch of the world. The watch shall cost one $55 million!

2. Graff Diamonds the Fascination

On second we have the Graff Diamonds, the fascination which is no less than $40 million.

3. Breguet Marie-Antoinette Grande Complication Pocket Watch

The antique looking pocket watch is as costly as $30 million. This watch was to be gifted to Marie Antoinette, the French Queen, yet she died before receiving it. It took 40 years to create this master piece.

4. Chopard 201-Carat Watch

This $25 million watch is full of expensive jewels such as: 15-carat pink diamond 12-carat blue diamond 11-carat white diamond 163 carats of white and yellow diamonds

5. Patek Philippe Henry Graves Supercomplication

This timepiece is a creation of Henry Graves and is worth $24 million.

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