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The historical event of 1994, when a plane crashed because of a child!


Plane crashes are not something unusual. Even though they are tragic and horrific, yet we all have heard some stories of plane being crashed and causing death of few or all members. However, the most historical and ironic plane crash that has ever been observed throughout the history was that of Aeroflot Flight 593.

Aeroflot Flight 593, was a usual flight on 23rd March 1994. The plane was en-route to the Kai Tak Airport of Hong Kong from Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow. The plane, which wasn’t suffering from any technical faults, suddenly crashed into the Kemerovo Oblast mountain range of Russia. The accident took lives of all 75 members on board in the plane.

The flight, which was a regular passenger flight, carried 63 passengers and 12 staff and crew members. Most of the passengers were businessmen who were travelling to Hong Kong for exploring investment and businessmen opportunity. The plane crash is a historic one as it is owned to a child.

Yes! A child caused the entire plane to crash into the mountains. The story from the cockpit voices and flight data reveals that two children were inside the cockpit. The children belonged to the relief pilot. The evidences proved that 5 people were on the flight deck when the plane crashed. These five people were relief pilot: Kudrinsky, co-pilot: Piskaryov, two kids named Eldar and Yanaand and another pilot, Vladimir Makarov

The relief pilot, Kudrinsky, was excited to travel internationally with his children for the first time. He had two kids Eldar and Yana. Elder was 16 years old while Yana was 12 years old. In his excitement, he took the kids to the cockpit

Not following the regulations, Kudrinsky not only allowed his children to visit the cockpit while the flight was operational but also allowed them to occupy the control’s seat. The left seat of pilot was set for them. Kudrinsky adjusted the autopilot headings so that they would feel they are controlling the aircraft, yet in reality they had no control.

First Yana, the younger child, took the seat and after getting amused left it for her brother.  His brother who was mature enough applied enough force at the control column so that it disengaged the autopilot for 30 seconds. The silent indicator turned on and switched the plane’s controls to manual. None at the cockpit was able to observe the silent indicator as they had been flying Russian designed plane which used to give audible warnings.

The boy himself was able to observe that things had gone wrong. When the pilots wanted to regain the plane’s altitude and control: it was too late. It had drastically shifted its altitude. The pilots were so stressed that they didn’t even make a distress call or emergency announcement. Within seconds, the plane crashed into the mountain range causing the death of all the people on board!

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