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The Inspirational story of Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez, a successful young singer is known to many. The 26 years old singer, actress, and producer is the third most followed personality on Instagram. The girl has been able to make a mark in all the fields she entered.

She is reckoned as one of the biggest stars of her generation. She had it all be it talent or love. She was having a relationship with Justin Bieber and love was in the air.

However, did you know that she kept one big secret for three years?

Have you noticed that Selena Gomez was on a break from music and acting since quite a time? Do you the reason behind it?

The reason was one big tragic news that turned tables for her. She was broken down by the devastating news.

She was diagnosed with Lupus.

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack its own tissues and organs. The disease, so far, has no cure.

She underwent the basic treatment which includes chemotherapy which tends to manage the symptoms of the disease. She was, however, in a denial about the disease and kept it a secret for three years.

She kept on performing and even went for a world tour. Soon, the disease got its grips on her and her symptoms were becoming visible. She underwent depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

She was exhausted and took a break from her music. She wanted to focus on her mental health. The doctors then came up with another shocking news that she shall undergo an urgent kidney transplant in order to survive.

She came back home completely broken, so much so that she was unable to open up a water bottle. She threw the bottle on the floor and cried.

This was when her best friend Francia jumped in. She could see that Selena was tearing apart and she thereby inquired about the problem. Selene then told her about the disease and the urgent kidney transplant.

However, Selena did not know what to do for the donor list was 7-10 years long. Without even giving it a second thought, Francia offered to get tested for the donor. Her mother was not in favor of such an act, yet Francia wanted to help her best friend at any cost. Her tests were taken and she was a perfect match!

Seeing Francia being so supportive of her, Selena’s faith in life got restored and she wanted to fight.

The night before the transplant, the two got their hair braided together and went out for a feast.

She went to the hospital together. Francia had even written a will in case she could not survive the kidney removal. First, it was Francia’s turn. She went in there and got a successful removal.

However, when it was Selena’s turn, things got worse when her artery broke. This was a life-threatening incident. She was then taken to an emergency surgery to build up a new artery using her leg’s vein. Her body was already weak and recovery was difficult, yet Selena came out stronger than ever.

When receiving her Billboard “Woman of the year” award, she tearfully announced her struggle. She also thanked Francia for the ultimate gift for which she would always be grateful.

She said, “I think Francia should be getting this award because she saved my life.”

With a new life, Selena has a new vision for her disease. She is now raising awareness about Lupus. She is now being a source of hope for many. Her strength is a shout out that life is precious and we can do a lot with it.

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