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First kids TV show on harassment that every child should watch

Pakistan is a country that is witnessing an increase in the rate of child sexual abuse cases. It is indeed an alarming situation. Our ministry of Law and Justice has informed the lower house of Parliament that nearly 5790 cases of child abuse were registered across the country in the last two years. Thus, as a best parenting tip, we recommend you to read this post about the information on the World’s first Kids tv show on harassment.
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Some Globally Sexual Harassment Stats

According to some statistics, it is said that nearly 40 million children below the age of 15 fall victim to sexual abuse every year around the globe, however, these statistics vary from country to country but it is still an alarming situation. However, during all this situation, every country is trying its best to control the increasing rate of such filthy crime, child abuse. Italy has planned to broadcast first television series about child sexual harassment to make the kids of their country aware of the increasing crime. The television series will be screened next year.
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Details about world’s first kids series on sexual harassment

The makers of the kids tv show on harassment revealed that the series is about a story of an 11 years old girl Joy who is harassed by a powerful family friend, who is a lawyer and plays football with her father. The producer of the Italian state broadcaster said that the show is aimed at nine to fourteen years old children and willfully tackle the delicate subject.  It was also revealed that the show will tackle the sexual bullying, abuse, and shaming among the children themselves. The most interesting fact about this series is that the makers worked closely with the panel of leading child psychologists before every single scene of the series was written or shot. The series is now being directed under the supervision of a neuropsychological team from a hospital in Rome. The team not only helped in writing and making the series it also helped the kids who are acting in these series because it is not easy for kids to get across some difficult moments. One of the makers of the series, Luca Milano briefly represented the story. It begins with a little girl Joy thriving and excelling in a school cooking competition and soon her mood changes. Her friends realize that something is wrong with her but her parents cannot. This show is also designed to empower present children to speak out on this situation, it is for them to identify the risky situation and speak to adults or their parents about this which is not easy for any kid to do.

Why do you need to teach your child about Harrasment?

It is made realistically and is partly planned for the children to choose their own words. The series is basically about empowering the kids. The series has a positive ending where Joy deepens the bonds with her friends and continues living her life as a normal human being. Although children love fairy tales we must tell them stories about real-life as well. The shooting of this series will finish at the end of November this year and the makers are already working on an education campaign to accompany the series with other broadcasters. This series will be first played on the children’s channel. A clip from this series was shown at MIPJunior, the world’s top children’s entertainment market in Cannes, France, and it was loudly applauded.


In the end, I should say that every country must try to feature such type of tv series for children or this Tv series should be broadcasted in different languages across the world.

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