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This Japanese company tracks your sleep and pays you more if you sleep more!


Who says that the one who sleeps loses? There is this Japanese Company which tracks your sleep and will pay you according to your sleep. The more you sleep, the more you gain! The company pays its staff more upon sleeping more. The company is named Crazy Inc., which is located in Tokyo, gives points to its employees who sleep at least 6 hours a night for 5 days a week.

One can exchange these points at the cafeteria of the company. This means the more you sleep, the more free food you get at the company’s cafeteria!

How does Company track sleep of the employees?

The company tracks the sleep of its employees via a mobile application. The data is recorded at the application and is saved with the company. The company then analyzes the data and gives points accordingly.

One can reach points worth $570 a year!

Why is the company concerned with the sleep of its employees?

This initiative helps to reduce health problems that arise because of lack of sleep. If a person is sleep deprived, his productivity at work is affected. The new research by the Harvard Medical School suggests that a sleep driven person is less productive and chronic exhaustion can cause multiple health problems.

These health problems include high blood pressure, depression, and fatal heart diseases. The Medical school claims that sleep is not a luxury activity rather is necessary for each individual.

Does sleep affect the economy?

Lack of sleep for sure has a direct effect on the economy. According to the research, the Japanese economy suffered a loss of $138 billion a year due to poor sleep of its people.

While the US suffers a loss of $411 billion due to sleep-deprived people.

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