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Top 5 best and most powerful passports of the world


For those who tend to travel shall know that passports matter a lot. Passport is an identity of a person abroad. The more powerful the passport, the more respect and mobility you gain in the foreign country.

Having a powerful passport would help you gain visa free entry to multiple countries. The weaker the passport is, the more trouble you have with visa acceptance. Having passport of a powerful country means that you shall not apply for visa for your visits to multiple countries.


If you are thinking that US must be the state that issues the most powerful visas to its citizens, then you are wrong. The 2018 list of “index of passport power” ranks US on the 4th! On top of the chart we have Japan.


Holding a Japanese passport means that you can enter 189 countries without going through the trouble of applying for visa! A Japanese passport is so powerful and prestigious that one shall only be equipped with it to enter 189 states around the globe.

Germany and Singapore

Second, we have Germany and Singapore. The passport holders of these countries can access 188 countries on visa free basis!

Finland, France, Italy, Sweden, Spain and South Korea

All these 6 countries are ranked 3rd according to the index of passport power, 2018. Citizens of these states can enter 187 states without visa.

Norway, United Kingdom, Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and United States

These countries ranked 4th as they provide visa free enter to their citizens for 186 states.

Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland and Canada

In the race of passport ranks, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Ireland and Canada Ranked 5th out of 91.  These passports cater for visa free entry to 185 countries.

For general information, let us disclose the weakest passports of 2018. The weakest passport is that of Afghanistan which gives visa free entry to only 31 states. Then we have Iraq (rank 91), Pakistan (rank 90), Syria (rank 89) and Somalia (rank 88) in 5 weakest passports category.

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