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Top 5 Family oriented movies on Netflix that shall let you enjoy your weekend!


Winters and weekends are all about family. What else does one want than watching a movie with family in a warm, cozy room. For me, this is the best way to spend winters and I am sure that it will be for you too!

However, movie selection is the most important thing. Getting up after an hour or so and thinking that you could have watched a better movie is the worst feeling. So we thought why not save your weekend and let you know about the top 5 family movies according to their IMDb ratings.

Mary and the Witch’s flower (2018)

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The movie is animated, featuring voices of Kate Winslet and Jim Broadbent. This movie is about a young girl, Mary who enters a world of fantasy and Magic after discovering a Magic flower. Go with her on a magical journey in the movie.

Beauty and the beast (2017)

What better treat it would be than to revive your childhood Disney classic story? And that too which features Emma Watson! With great playback and acting, the movie scores an IMDb rating of 7.2.

The guardians of Galaxy (2014 and 17)

Both the volumes of the film are super good. If you haven’t watched the 2014 one (which, by the way has IMDb rating of 8.1), you should watch that soon. Also the Marvel studio’s creation, The Guardians of Galaxy (Volume 2) is worth your time!

Captain underpants: The first Epic Movie

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The meddling kids who hypnotize their principal will surely make you laugh. The IMDb rating is 6.2.

Doctor Strange (2016)

Old, but a great movie to watch is Doctor Strange. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch did justice with the character and the movie was able to gain an IMDb rating of 7.2!

So what are you waiting for? All these movies are available on Netflix and are worth a watch with family!

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