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Tulsa-An American city which pays you $10,000 to live there!


Living at a place comes with a cost: you shall pay taxes, pay rent and incur other costs. No one will pay you only for living there. If I say that there is no place where you get paid for a living, I shall be wrong. Because now there is a place where you will be get paid for living.

There is this city of America that tends to give away as much as $10,000 to individuals for only residing there. Tulsa is an American city in the state of Oklahoma and rests on the Arkansas River.

If one is an entrepreneur or is doing their job remotely, then they should definitely shift to Tulsa to earn $10,000.

Here is how the scheme works:
this scheme is funded by a philanthropic organization named as George Kaiser Family Foundation.

  • $2,500 will be given to you as a moving cost
  • $300 per month will be paid to you as monthly rent
  • $1,500 per year will be given to you
  • A free of cost office space

Why is Tulsa offering hefty amount to attract people?

Tulsa has a small population of 400,000. Cities like San Francisco and New York have been able to develop on a technological basis. People in cities tend to contribute towards the development of the cities.

Cities with greater population have been able to witness greater employment growth, which led talent and growth to retain in bigger cities. Now Tulsa is on a mission to build its own workforce that is talented and diverse.

This way, economic development will bolster in the city and help to reduce economic inequalities among the regions of US.

However, this is not the only city that gives you money to reside there. Here are few to mention:

  1. Maine will pay off your student loan if you move there.
  2. New Haven will give away interest-free loan for your first home there. Also, your children will be able to enjoy free tuition fee for their college if they graduate from a public high school there.

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