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WhatsApp to end unlimited chat backup soon


The biggest news is here! Undoubtedly all the good things come to an end and this happened in this case too. People who enjoyed using unlimited WhatsApp chats backup should say goodbye now. WhatsApp is planning to end the unlimited chat backup soon. Some unconfirmed reports claimed that Google is looking forward to a paid plan as a result it is going to limit the data usage on Google drive.

WhatsApp users have been enjoying unlimited data storage backup on Google drive. A report published in Wabetainfo claimed that WhatsApp is ending its unlimited storage option for android users and they will have to buy storage for their chat backups.

How will WhatsApp end unlimited chat backup soon?

WhatsApp will soon introduce a new feature that will allow the users to update their settings. They will be able to manage their chat backups. A new option will be introduced to ease them selecting a few files or data to backup.

Currently, WhatsApp doesn’t count a person’s google drive storage quota or limit which is understood that the person can backup his thousands of chats with unlimited data, multimedia, or storage. but now you will have to say goodbye to this or you will have to buy extra storage for backing up your WhatsApp chats.

 WhatsApp storage limit:

Now this question arises in every mind. What will be the WhatsApp storage limit? According to some sources, it is believed that a 2GB storage limit will be provided to each user for their chats backup.

Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging platforms around the globe.  Previously reports claimed WhatsApp working on chat backup file management to remove the effect of storage on the person’s google drive.

Now, the removal of Whatsapp unlimited storage is inevitable news and people came up with different conclusions. Last year, Google also ended unlimited storage for google photos.

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