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Why are children losing their intelligence with age?


If we look at our children, they are much clever. They can now pick things so easily and so fast. These days the children up to age 4 are operating at a genius level. However, as they grow, their intelligence is losing.

Simon T. Bailey, who is a motivational speaker, author, life coach, and entrepreneur throws light on the very topic. According to him, our children are working at a brilliant level. However, when these children reach the age of 20, only 10% are able to work at the “genius level”. And unfortunately, when they reach their late 20s and early 30s, only 2% are able to maintain their genius level.

Now the question is that why are children losing their intelligence with age? Why aren’t they able to maintain their intelligence? The answer is, our society. Our society does not allow them to retain their intelligence.

The intelligence or brilliance does not “go” or “vanish”, but it gets buried by the society who is always telling the children that: color within the lines only, write within the lines only, sit back, and you can’t do this!

When you are dictating a child and hindering their creativity, you are burying their intelligence.

According to a research, a child aged 17 has heard “no” about 150,000 times and “yes” only 5000 times. With such a societal pressure, the children we are raising aren’t intelligent.

The more the child hears that “you can’t do this, you can’t become this, this is not for you”, the neurological path in child’s brain causes it to shut down.

Today, parents are so much busy making money that they are emotionally unavailable for their children. We have set our ladders to the wrong wall and we are making an effort to climb success yet at the end we won’t be able to reach our destination.

We, as parents are giving our best in offices, business and at work. But we are giving the rest to our children. Do our children deserve the leftovers?

By the time we are proceeding, we realize that we have the house, not the home. We have success, not significance. We have money, but no power and joy!

So model up yourself for your children. What hinders back success is not you but what aren’t you. Be yourself and explore your potentials.

Relationships are more important than money, invest in them!

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