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Young Heroes of the world


For us when we say the word “hero”, an adult person clicks in a mind. Many of us would even imagine Superman or Batman. There have been many heroes in the history and in present. These heroes might not have special powers like that of Batman or Spiderman, yet they had courage and intelligence to do better for the world.

Being a hero means to do something great for the people. We don’t need to wait for our adulthood and many young heroes in the world have taught us that age does not matter. When you are determined to do something well for the people just go ahead and do it.

Here are five great young heroes of the world

Alexandra Scott

Alexandra Scott was born in Manchester in 1996. At her birth, she was diagnosed with a tumor that was located on her back. The infant went through a successful surgery. However, only when she was 1 year old, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is also a kind of a tumor.

Determined to help the children like her, Alexandra, at the age of 4 opened up a lemonade stand so that whatever she would earn would be donated for the Cancer research and for cancer patients. People appreciated the little hero’s act and she was able to raise more than 900,000 dollars.

This money was donated for cancer research. She died in 2004 losing her battle to cancer. Yet, what she has done will always remain alive!

Bilaal Rajan

Rajan was born on 9th September 1996. He was only 4 years old when he realized the importance of parents and how much life would be difficult without them. This realization came after he came to know about an Earthquake that hit India. He wanted to do something for the victims and started raising funds for them in his neighborhood at Canada. Rajan was able to collect $350.

Rajan then endeavored to a mission of helping the children around the world. He learned that one-third of the children around the world aren’t able to attend school. His mission to help children is never ending now. Currently, Rajan is a fundraiser, motivational speaker, author, UNICEF Children’s Fund Canada’s child ambassador and founder of the Making Change Now organization.

Jeneece Edroff

Born in 1994, the little girl was diagnosed with Type 1 Neurofibromatosis when she was only 3 years old. This made her weak and she had pain in her joints which did not allow her to walk and she would often fall from the stairs. She had to undergo a spine surgery at age of 5 and that was a successful one. Since then she wanted to help people like her. She wanted to assist them in medical care and needs. Jeneece thereby initiated a penny drive to collect funds for the children like her when she was only 7. She was able to raise only $164. Next year a news anchor introduced her penny drive and she was able to collect as many as $27,000. She has now raised funds worth millions of dollars for children around the world for different causes. She was inducted into the Terry Fox Hall of Fame in 2006 and awarded with multiple medals including the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012.

Iqbal Manish

Manish was born to a poor family in Pakistan in 1983. He was sold as a slave by his father for only $12 as the family had to pay for his mother’s surgery. His owner made the 4-year-old work in terrible conditions. He was chained up, was forced to work 12 hours a day at a loam and was given no or less food. He was 12 years old when he was able to escape captivity and later landed at the Bonded Labor Liberation Fund. They provided education to former slaves. He excelled at education and later started an anti-slave movement in Pakistan. His efforts were appreciated by people around the world. Yet as many slaves (around 3000) had gained freedom because of his efforts, he became a threat to many slave owners and their businesses. He was shot dead when he returned from the US when he was only 12 years old!

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