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Best Fruits that help in Weight Loss


What we eat reflects in our Health

Our health is a mere reflection of what we eat. If we are eating healthy food, we would develop a healthy and active mind and body. On contrary, eating unhealthy items would only damage our health. Even though we are always saying that health is one of the greatest blessings, we are least careful about it. This is why most of us are likely to make unhealthy choices than healthy choices and that is why we have developed health issues. Today, one of the most concerned issue is weight loss. People are searching for ways that will make them attain a healthy weight.

Being Obese (Overweight)

This is because 1.9 billion adults around the world are facing the issue of obesity. Obesity is something that damages the body and results in chronic diseases. According to World Health Organization (WHO), since 1975 obesity around the world has tripled. This is indeed something alarming, but Obesity is not an uncontrollable disease. It can be controlled by opting for a healthy lifestyle.
Fruits that help in weight loss

Maintaining a Healthy weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is important for a healthy life. Being under-weight and over-weight is not something to be proud of. One must maintain a weight that is healthy for them. I would like to reflect upon the fact that media and fashion industry are promoting way-too-skinny models which has fascinated girls to get under-weight. Girls, please maintain a good weight and do not go for a strict diet that effects your health! Here is an ideal height to weight proportion table so that you can have an idea about what you need to aim for.
Fruits that help in weight loss

Healthy Solution for weight loss

Following a diet plan that would mean eating merely nothing all day long and starving is not a solution. This tends to damage your body and if that is what your target is for a healthy weight then please stop right away. “Not eating” is “not a solution” for weight loss, but eating healthy foods that boast metabolism and cut body fat is a healthy solution for weight loss. Maintaining a healthy diet and an active lifestyle is the goal for healthy life. Pick up good routine where you allow yourself to undertake physical activities such as walk and exercise and eat healthy food. Eating fruits is the best option as they are rich in nutrients. However, there are some fruits that help in weight gain as their sugar content is high or are low in fiber which is not easy to dissolve. Thereby, fruits that are to be picked while you are on your way to healthy dieting is also important.
Fruits that help in weight loss

Fruits that help in weight Loss

If you ever go for a fruit list, it would be rather a long one. All fruits have their own taste, benefits and characteristics. Some fruits are healthy, some sweet, some sour, some a great replacement of medicines, some help attain weight, some help in weight loss, some boast sugar level, some reduce BP and the list goes on. Thereby, when you are on the road of losing weight, you shall know which fruits to pick. And here we have a list of fruits that have been proven to help in weight loss.

Pro-tips for weight loss

  1. Incorporating fruits in raw form in your diet is necessary. Do not go for a heavy dressing fruit salad. Eat these fruits in raw form to attain their health benefits.
  2. Eating these fruits is not enough, get yourself physically active as well to fasten up the weight loss process and to enjoy a good health.
  3. Do not opt for canned fruits, always pick up fresh fruits.
  4. If you like fruit salads, do not go for artificial or heavy dressing, add lime, watermelon juice or nothing (as dressing) in the salad mix.
  5. Do not only rely on these fruits all day long, have a bit of carbs, proteins and other essential nutrients side-by-side.
  6. Drink water for better results.
Fruits that help in weight loss


Fruits that help in weight loss
  • It is recommended to eat half a grapefruit a day which will give you 39 calories and fulfill your 65% of Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for Vitamin C and 28% for Vitamin A.
  • Grapefruit is low in its GI (Glycemic index) which means that it releases sugar slowly into the blood and helps maintain low weight.
  • An ideal time to eat grapefruit is morning or before meals to boast metabolism.
  • It can be added to your diet in form of fruit-salad dressing.
  • Research shows that it is beneficial for reducing weight, reducing body fat, controlling cholesterol and blood pressure levels.


Fruits that help in weight loss
  • The small bright green Kiwi packed in brown coat is one of the most delicious and healthy fruits on earth.
  • They are rich in nutrients, Vitamin C & E, folate and fiber.
  • They are low in GI, which means sugar released would be slow.
  • Research proves that eating a kiwi regularly helps in weight loss, sugar control and improves gut health.
  • A peeled Kiwi has 2 grams of fiber while an unpeeled has 3 grams of fiber. Fiber helps in weight loss.
  • Kiwi can be eaten with or without skin. It can be added as a fruit salad dressing, eaten raw, diced up in cereals or added to unsweetened low carb baked items

3.Melons and watermelons

Fruits that help in weight loss
  • The bright yellow fruit or big red juicy fruit is low in carb, rich in fiber and water content. This is what makes it weight loss friendly.
  • 1 cup of melon releases only 46 calories.
  • High water content keeps body hydrated.
  • High fiber content helps in building good digestive system.
  • They are high in GI yet their other features still make it a weight loss fruit items. You may avoid eating it regularly if you are diabetic.
  • Eat raw, drain its juice or dice up in healthy salads.
  • Eat with an empty stomach or before meals.
  • Avoiding drinking water over it for at-least an hour


Fruits that help in weight loss
  • The citrus fruits have been widely proven to help reduce weight and cut fats.
  • They are rich source of Vitamin C and fiber.
  • They are a way to keep yourself feel full. This way they reduce your hunger and carvings for food. However, studies show that eating oranges as a whole is better than extracting its juice.

5. Bananas

Fruits that help in weight loss
  • Even though it is generally believed that Bananas aid in weight gain as they are high in their sugar contents, research reveals opposing facts.
  • Bananas are dense in nutrients, fiber, magnesium, potassium, antioxidants, Vitamins A, C and B6.
  • They are low in calories and help in boasting metabolism.
  • They help in regulating insulin and weight.
  • Try to eat half ripe banana which is yellow and not develops much black spots.
  • Eating raw is best, but you can cook it to eat it as a snack.


Eating without having knowledge is a dangerous to health. While we are busy in our daily routine, we shall invest time in our health as well. Fruits are good for health, yet which fruit serves which purpose is necessary to be known. Eating healthy, however is not enough, living healthy is what needs to be preached!

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