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Ringing In Ears / Tinnitus Treatment By Electric Shocks Via Tongue

Tinnitus: Also known as Chronic ringing in ears. Around 15% of the population can have this constant buzzing in ears around the globe. Most people think of this disease is very hard to treat or many of them don’t really know they have some disease. In this post, we are explaining some details about the Chronic ringing in ears or Tinnitus. Including some latest research and beneficial treatments for the Tinnitus.

What is Tinnitus?

In simple words, it is when you hear some continuous noise or ringing in the ears its TINNITUS. The researchers say this ringing is a symptom of hearing loss problems or any ear infections and diseases.

Tinnitus Treatment

In past, there wasn’t any treatment that could cure it. But, this problem can be of various conditions to various people. It can be severe to mild, seasonal or temporary or may be permanent. Some people can find Tinnitus only on some days with instant noise in ear, while on other days it seems normal. So, this disease varies from person to person. There are some treatments for the ringing in ears where a person needs to perceive the noise in head. It can be practiced with the passage of time.

Latest Treatment Found for Chronic Ringing In Ears

Some researchers and scientists have found some interesting ways to treat Chronic Ringing in the ear. They test the shocks on the tongue of the person who has Tinnitus with the specialized sound programs. This treatment reduces the Ringing in ears at once as well as for 1 year.
ringing in ears treatment
A Lady Getting Electric Shocks Through Tongue Treatment for Tinnitus
A researcher and practitioner Christopher Cederroth, evaluated that “It’s really Important work”. He also states that the treatment work finding joins some other “bimodal stimulation” researches. In this stimulation, brain neurons that misbehaves can be helpful by light electric shocks. This treatment is also known as “Deep brain stimulation”. It repairs a person’s hearing capabilities.

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