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What should I eat before and after workout to achieve fitness goals?


It is not only important to have a healthy workout regime. It is equally important to control the diet and eat what allows the body to build stamina, recover and to achieve the fitness goals. Whatever you eat post work out and pre-workout is thereby important. While a professional can help you attain a better nutrition guidance, this article will allow you to have the basic insights. This will help you understand which food before work-out can help in boosting the workout and making the process smooth.

We will also be covering importance of post-workout meal selection as proper diet and right choices can help you recover on time, reduce fatigue and body stress.

Eating at the right time, having the right choices and knowledge will help one to build strength and stamina. The body goes through physical stress, fat burn, enhanced muscle movements, enhanced lung and heart activities. All this require recovery and stamina built-in to continue workout. Otherwise, the muscles will fatigue and stress, causing body certain damage. also, if you eat inappropriate before workout, you might not be able to accomplish the workout goals. similarly, inappropriate eating post work out might just cause all the workout go in vain.

Thus, here is a perfect guide for post and pre-workout meals that will help you accomplish your workout goals.

What should I eat before workout?

Nutritionists urge that the people involved in strenuous exercise such as athletes and fitness freaks shall eat in right proportions. They shall be able to attain 75% of energy from carbohydrates, 25% from proteins and very little from essential fats. Studies also show that one of the ways to improve the workout is to have carbs before workout. Thus, working out on an empty stomach is not a good idea after all.

The carbohydrate stores are limited in the body. They are key sources of energy to the body. If you want to be fresh and full of energy before workout, you shall have some carbs before working out.

So, you can have some fresh fruits, yogurt, smoothies dried fruits, protein or healthy bars, milkshakes, fresh fruit juices before a workout.

How much time shall be there between pre-workout snack and workout?

You cannot just have a pre-workout meal and head towards the gym or space for workout. One simply cannot. This will make you feel heavy and you will have nausea. You should have your snacks at least an hour before.

What should I eat after workout?

Engaging is a stressful physical activity that causes exhaustion, muscle usage, heart and lungs to work more. Thus the body requirements increase. But what if you eat something that will put your workout in vain? Your muscles deplete and need to regrow. Your body needs to rebuild stamina and improve its functions. You need to eat right to escape the fatigue and muscles rupture. The ideal combination is to have proteins and carbohydrates. it should be one portion of proteins to 4 portions of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates help restore energy while proteins help in recovery.

Health experts view that there should be a protein meal and a carbohydrate drink. You can have fresh fruits accompanied by a glass of milk, yogurt, smoothie or milkshake, proteins bar, whole grained cereals, dried fruits, nuts, sandwich and wraps.

How much time shall be there between workout and a post-workout meal?

There should be an hour or two between a workout and a post-workout meal.

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