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4 Most amazing health benefits of Onion Seeds

The small black seeds, commonly known as the Onion seeds or the Kolonji, are miraculous in a number of ways. Before penning the benefits that these seeds provide to the body, let me clarify that I am talking about the Nigella seeds (Kalonji or Kalwanji) and not the actual onion seeds!
The onion seeds by no means belong to the onion family, the seeds belong to the Nigella Sativa family. So don’t believe that the seeds of onion are the onion seeds we are talking about, yet they are readily available in the market named as Onion seeds! Just confirm that they are small and black in color. However, their size is not equivalent to their nutrient importance. They are a pack of essential nutrients so much so that the physicians recommend taking these seeds on daily basis. It is not recently that the world has bowed down to the benefits of these seed. The Greeks used it to cure headaches and aliments. Also mouth soreness and toothaches were cure by it. Even in most of the Egyptian tombs, a bottle of Onion seeds is discovered as they found it sacred and miraculous.  During the Prophethood, the followers of Islam were asked to seek cure of all diseases except death in Onion seeds. The seed is composed of essential oils, calcium, minerals, oil, potassium and fibers. To be specific, for onion seeds the composition is 2.5% essential oils, 38% oil, 35% carbs, 21% proteins, 36% fats. This amazing nutrient makeup of the seeds allows the seed to hold the cure of most of the diseases and problems.
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Read below, find your problem along with the easiest solution with just the Onion Seeds!

Onion Seeds for reducing Blood Pressure

The research confirms that the essential oils in the nigella seeds are helpful in reducing the high blood pressures. The King Saud University research claims that the essential oils of the Nigella seeds have a tendency to reduce Blood Pressure and improve respiration. The seed contains Thymoquinone which allows to decrease the oxidative stress by securing the glutathione and enhancing the antioxidant enzymes like SOD and glutathione peroxidase. This ensures that it reduces anxiety and stress as well. You may take few seeds, not more than 7 in the morning on an empty stomach to reduce blood pressure and if advised by the physician, one may take half a teaspoon of Nigella seed oil dissolved in warm water to control BP.
onion seed for bp

Kolonji Seeds for controlling sugar levels

The Nigella seeds would definitely help you to reduce your blood sugar levels as the seeds have high antioxidant properties. If your family has a history of diabetes, please make sure to intake the nigella seeds once a week. This would help in reducing the risk of developing diabetes. However, if you are already suffering from diabetes, you shall take half a teaspoon of Nigella seed oil in black tea on an empty stomach. Follow this for a week to feel the difference in blood sugar levels. The research by shows that the 2gm of the Nigella seeds would allow the Type 2 diabetic patients to control their blood sugar levels. Yet it did not put any significant change in the weight of the patient.
onions-seed for sugar patients

Onion Seeds for weight reduce

Well, many of us do face weight issues, and sometimes we need to accelerate the weight loss process. The body fat becomes stubborn and the miraculous seeds help in shedding off the weight. However, as told before, the people suffering from High sugar levels might not be able to reduce weight. Yet they would definitely control their Glucose levels. All you need to do is take a few seeds around 5 a day on an empty stomach with warm water. If you want to have better results, add lemon juice and honey to warm water. The antioxidant enzyme of the seeds is the main player in accelerating the weight loss process. However, ensure not taking more than 5 seeds a day. As people on diet might be facing lower BP and Sugar levels, and these seeds aid in reducing them as well.
reduce weight by healthy onion-seeds

Onion Seeds for better immunity

The best way to improve immunity naturally is to have 2-3 Onion seeds regularly. The seeds help boost memory, immunity, reduce kidney pains, strengthen teeth, cure headaches, and solve acne. A few seeds a day on an empty stomach are advisable. However, one can add a few seeds in daily meals to enjoy a healthy life.

A word of Precaution

The seeds are cheap and readily available and therefore one should incorporate it in daily diet. Yet, people should now that overdose of anything can be harmful. Also, we are not recommending to consume the seeds only to solve problems such as BP and sugar. Please seek medical advice as well!

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