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Huawei delays the launch of its upcoming Foldable Mate X


Huawei Mate X

Huawei recently delayed the launch of its foldable mobile phone, Mate X to September. The highly anticipated mobile phone was first unveiled back in February and was dated to launch in mid-2019. It features an 8 inch OLED foldable panel. The 8-inch panel easily folds into two. In addition to it, Mate X features triple cameras, 5G Support, 8GB RAM and massive 512 GB of internal storage capacity. Chinese media reported that it was looking at Mate X to be launched in the month of June, however due to some reasons it is now delayed to September. However still no official release date of its launch has been announced by the company.

What are the reasons for delaying the launch of Huawei foldable Mate X?

Huawei claimed that
the reason for postponing the launch of their foldable Mate X is only to improve the quality of their first ever foldable
smartphone. The Chinese Tech Giant claimed that they have to check and improve
the quality of the folding screen which is the most intricate technical
component of this phone. The company also said that they are doing extensive
testing to make sure that they are ready for the consumers. It also claimed
that they are taking a cautious approach
after the failed launch of the Samsung
Galaxy fold.

The spokesperson of the Chinese Giant Tech said, “We do not want to launch our product to destroy our reputation.”

Mate X foldable smartphone

He confirmed in an interview that the company is doing extra testing on the phone to make sure that all the apps are working correctly after the device is fully unfolded.

Is the US Ban the main problem of delaying its launch?

On the other side some unconfirmed reports openly claimed
that the main problem for postponing the launch of Huawei’s Mate X is the US
ban and no the reliability of the untested Mate X. it is clear that after the
ban the US firms cannot conduct any
business dealing with Huawei and also Huawei is unable to license Google’s
Android operating system. It is also hard to ignore the context around the export ban as well.

However, the spokesperson of Huawei has already cleared that Mate X will run Android because it was launched before Google banned its Android system for Huawei and the export ban does not affect the Mate X. Huawei claimed that the device will run on Google Android because Mate X presumably received its Android rights from Google before the ban went into effect

The US Government also gave 90 days of reprieve to Huawei but it will end before the launch of Mate X.

Huawei Operating System

Huawei also said that
their HongMeng OS will not be rolling out to flagship grade device just yet, for now, it is only coming to their mid-range

In the end, I should say that Huawei is already facing a difficult time and it is difficult for them to prove the reliability of their new devices. However it is probably a good thing for the company to take some time.

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