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200 Muslim Homes Burnt Down in India

A very distressing incident was reported from our neighbouring country India. Today a News video was shared that showed 200 Muslims houses were set on fire by Indian Police. The Indian police not only burnt down their houses along with their belongings, but also assaulted the Muslims. They thrashed their men and women and threw them out of their houses. They set the houses on fire and left the muslims alone to fend themselves. 200 Muslim houses were burnt down due to which hundreds became homeless. They lost their houses, their meagre earnings, their cash, jewellery and everything they made in their life long careers. This incident makes us think that Indian Muslims do not posses basic rights in India. Is it a Crime to be a Muslim in a Majority Hindu Country?

How and why did this happen?

This incident happened in Meerut city, Uttar Pradesh. The local police claimed they were on their anti-encroachment drive to clear the area. The drive was resisted by the slum dwellers. They claimed that the shanties were set on fire by some of the slum dwellers as they tried to evict encroachment. The Muslim residents of the area are blaming the cops. They claim they attacked our houses as a part of the communal drive after Pulwama attack. Some stated that the mental and physical attack on Muslims have increased in the country since BJP is in the government. They say that the attacks are a plan of BJP to win the upcoming elections.

 What action was taken after the attack?

Sources claim that Police has filed FIR against some unknown men. They also arrested 6 Muslim men who were involved in this case. On the other side, the Muslim community is constantly blaming the police saying instead of taking action against the culprits they have arrested the Muslims who are already suffering from this tragic incident.
Police claimed that the slum dwellers have built their houses on illegal land thus the encroachment drive was operated. To this the slum dwellers replied that they have been living here for the past 30 years. If this is illegal land, why wasn’t the action taken years before? A retired police chief raised his voice to highlight the truth in this incident saying that the slum dwellers would never set their own houses or properties on fire.

Critics and media’s views

Some Critics are blaming the Modi Government for not providing complete protection and rights to the minority communities in India. The chaos in this attack has raised many questions. The Muslim population is being targeted by Indians because of unknown hatred and to provoke the violence with the only agenda of generating fear in Muslims. Many Muslims lost their lives because of slaughtering a cow in Modi’s India. According to some sources, it is said that Indian Media is trying to hide this news. Social activists have blamed Indians for not highlighting such incidents because the whole Indian Hindus and Indian Media are prejudiced towards Muslim.

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