Tuesday, September 26

79 Children kidnapped in Cameroon are now released


79 children were kidnapped from Presbyterian Secondary School in Bamenda, capital of Cameroon which is north-west of the central African nation. 42 girls and 36 boys, their school principal, one teacher, and their bus driver were abducted by the gunmen.

Soon after the news spread, the authorities were called to let the pupils free from the kidnappers. All the students were aged from 11 to 17 years old.

Every man was called in for a hostage as it was the gravest incident that was recorded this year after the October elections. One girl managed to escape from the kidnappers while 78 pupils and the driver were released and returned back to their school on Tuesday after great efforts. The principal of the school and one teacher are still in the grip of the kidnappers.

Later it was reported that a military truck transported the children to the Governor’s office to interview the students about the whole incident.

Fev. Fonki Samuel Forba, the moderator of the Presbyterian Church school claimed that security officers visited the school on Tuesday and took away the vice principal and other staff members to interrogate the whole incident. The moderator said they have not been released yet and he is unaware of the fact why they have been kept for such a long time.

Due to some public and government issues, this news sparked outrage in the whole nation. It was also reported that Cameron Northwest authorities suspended the movement of all non-emergency vehicles in the search of the pupils and military police and helicopters were also called to join the hunt to search the abducted children.

The children were good and fine after they were released. They were given food and complete medical checkup before uniting them with their parents. The children too disclosed that they were not mistreated and the captors gave them food to eat.

The government has accused the separatist of being behind this kidnapping incident, but they have denied the accusation.

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