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A poisonous snake found in the handbag of an Indian passenger


The Times of India reported that a poisonous snake was spotted by an alert security guard through a Central Industrial security forces screener at Cochin International airport in India. It was brought there by an Indian passenger from Kerala. He was about to get on the plane to board his flight to Dubai on Air India express flight 419.

This snake could have led to havoc on the plane and could also become the reason for someone’s death. However, the passenger was arrested and handed over to the police. Further investigation revealed that sub-Inspector PK Mourya was watching over the screen and soon he detected the snake-like thing in the handbag of the passenger. The passenger bag was checked by Constable Hiresh Kumar. During checking, he found a live baby snake in the passenger’s bag which looked like an Indian Krait.

Indian Krait is said to be in the list of most venomous snakes found in India and if it had gone unnoticed or taken aboard the plane, the matter would have been disastrous. Although, everybody should know that it is illegal to carry any type of snakes or reptiles or any other wildlife on flights. This is also a dangerous matter for civil aviation security.  Beside this, pets like cats and dogs are only carried after seeking proper permission from the higher authorities and under proper precautions.

The passenger was not allowed to proceed with his flight and he was handed to the police. This incident happened on Sunday and since then no further news about the incident was reported. However, inquiry officers also did not clear that the person was carrying the snake by his will or it got into his bag by mistake.

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