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Captain Marvel not releasing in Pakistan? Is India behind it?

Captain Marvel is an anticipated movie of 2019. It has been released across the globe on March 8th 2019. However, its release in Pakistan had been postponed for certain unknown reasons. And now, we are hearing that Captain Marvel is not releasing in Pakistan!
Cinepax Cinemas have made a statement on their official Facebook account claiming that Captain Marvel will not release in Pakistan. This is because the Disney’s regional office has not granted the rights to Pakistan.

Cinepax Cinema’s post

In their Facebook post, Cinepax Cinema claimed: We truly admire your anticipation for watching Captain Marvel in your nearest Cinepax cinemas. It is realized that the wait must have made you wonder if it was merely a delay in the release date or else. We are sad to announce that the Disney’s regional office didn’t give Pakistan the rights to run Captain Marvel. Hence, Captain Marvel is not releasing in Pakistan This statement is no more at the official page. However, people have various screenshots of it, which confirms that it was there!

An Indian Strategy?

People believe it is a foul play by India. Even though India only has rights reserve over their own films, yet as it is one of the strong Asian entertainment industry. Thereby it might as well had influenced the Disney’s Asia decision of releasing the film. However, others are saying that India has nothing to do with. They claim that Pakistani cinemas have not cleared their pending dues with Disney and there is an ongoing problem between both organisations.

Are there any hopes?

However, we are hopeful that the film would be releasing in Pakistan as the Cinepax Cinema has already deleted their post regarding it. Maybe Pakistani concerned authorities would be able to put up an impression that banning a Disney film in Pakistan will not do any good for them. People on social media thereby believe that they shall protest. Also, the “entertainment industry” is an independent industry which shall act free of Geo-political factors.

Captain Marvel-the film

With 7.1 IMDb, Captain Marvel is running successfully across the globe. The International publications, the Guardian claims that it is a worth a watch and their caption for the review was:
Superheroes and freaky cats: how Captain Marvel rewrote the rules!  
Captain Marvel is Disney’s first Marvel superhero film with a female character in top billing,

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