Saturday, September 23

Chaos on the roads of Pakistan after SC acquits Asia Bibi


This week has been full of breaking news for the people of Pakistan. Following the decision by the Honorable Supreme Court to acquit and set Asia Bibi free in a blasphemy case, protesters came out on the roads causing chaos and disturbance to the whole country. As soon as the decision was announced, protesters from all over the country organized and came on roads in forms of groups blocking the roads, forcing the business to shut down and burn tires.
This has a very negative impact on our image but that’s another topic. The call for the protest has incited the people so much that they have now started damaging private properties, vehicles and even killing people as a protest which is of course not all good. The people and the nation is going through a trauma where they are not able to go out, do business. Children are at homes as the educational institutes have been shut down, also medicines and fuel have become short in many areas.
As we talk about damaging and burning of the vehicles, a couple of very disturbing and dangerous incidents went viral yesterday. One of them is a video of the protesters burning the motorcycles of the people just for no reason! It was very disturbing and majority of the people reacted angry to the video! The videos are of two different places. One is of Rawalpindi where the parked bike abducted on the scene were thrashed with sticks by the protesters and later set on fire!
Another video shows vehicles burning and torched by the mob of protesters who were present at the Chakri Toll Plaza.

With all the ongoing financial crisis the nation and the Govt. of Pakistan is facing, the inflation and rise in prices and majority of people working on daily wages, this kind of protest and damage is indeed very dangerous.
The damage is being given to the nation, to the people of Pakistan. The protesters need to understand this. They need to record a peaceful protest so that the people may focus more on their demands and agenda rather criticize them for the unjust and brutality they are depicting.

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