Saturday, September 23

The Chinese men came up with a new way to protest at the New Islamabad Airport

The Government of Pakistan has set up duty on bringing cell phones from abroad to Pakistan. Individuals traveling to Pakistan can now carry only one cell phone a year. For more than one, they shall pay import duty. The people can bring in only 5 mobile phones a year from abroad and that too by paying the import duties. The cell phones which won’t be cleared by the customs will not attain cellular services after 30 days of arrival. This new rule, however, wasn’t welcomed at all by two Chinese Men who came to Pakistan. They were holding 6 cell phones and the import duty levied on them was $285. The men, Lei Zhentao and Lian Zhenfu, had arrived at the Islamabad International Airport on Friday, 25th January. They were given details about the new laws and policies and notified that they must pay $285 so that the mobile phones would remain functional. The men were disgusted by the new policies and thereby came up with a new idea of protesting against the policy. They laid down on the floors of the New Islamabad International Airport. Their new way of protest blocked the exit of the international arrivals lounge. Also, people and the officials got their glimpse within no time and they were the center of attention at the Airport. Their innovative protest was soon over as the Airport Security Staff (ASF) personnel warned them continuously of the aftermaths of their behavior and when their fellow countrymen came to rescue by paying off the customs duty.

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