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Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman’s visit to Pakistan: all details

So far, the biggest news that has been circulating in Asia is the first official visit of Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman to Pakistan. The Media of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and India have keen eyes on the visit and are updating the viewers on every single detail. This is the first official visit of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to Pakistan. He had visited Pakistan in 2016 yet he was not entitled as Saudi Crown by that time. The Crown Prince is in Pakistan on a two days visit and shall visit other Asian countries in this round. Since Bin Salman has come in power, he has been in news. His initiated Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia has already given the Saudi economy a new direction. He is regarded as a modern and liberal ruler. Here are the details of his official visit to Pakistan:
  1. The Saudi Crown Prince is on a two days visit to Pakistan. This is his first Asian tour. He will visit India and China next and has dropped his visit to Malaysia and Indonesia without stating a reason though. Imran Khan had also paid a visit to Saudi Arabia in October 2018 to attend the Future Investment Initiative.
  2. The Saudi Crown Prince was to visit the country on the 16th of February 2019. Yet he delayed his visit by a day and landed in Pakistan on 17th of February.
  3. The capital of Pakistan is decorated with large sized posters of the Saudi Crown Prince and PM of Pakistan. You could witness banners welcoming the Prince to his “second home”.
  4. As soon as the Crown Prince’s plane entered the Pakistani border, it was escorted by Pakistani Jet planes. A 21-gun salute was presented to him as soon as he landed in Pakistan.
  5. Red Carpet was rolled out for him and he was personally received by the Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa and Imran Khan. The Saudi Crown Prince paid salute to the Army Chief and exchanged a handshake. He was delighted to see PM Imran Khan who greeted him with a warm hug. MBS was then introduced to major and influential ministers of Pakistan.
  6. He was driven to the PM house by Imran Khan himself under strict security measures that were being controlled by the Army. The capital is under strict surveillance of the Army.
  7. The CP was presented with the honor at the PM house where he and Imran Khan addressed the media.
  8. Imran Khan took the honor of welcoming the CP and thanking him for paying a visit. He thanked him for opening up the Holy Kabah when he paid a visit to Saudi Arabia as a Prime Minister.
  9. Mohammed, speaking briefly at the dinner, said this was only the “first phase” of a deepening collaboration and added that “we cannot say no to Pakistan . . . We are creating a great future for Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.” We believe that Pakistan is going to be a very, very important country in the coming future and we want to be sure we are part of that,” he said.“Pakistan today has a great future in store with great leadership.”
  10. The luxury hotels in Islamabad have been completely booked for the Crown Prince and his team who are on a 20 hours visit to Pakistan.
  11. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan signed a raft of investment deals Sunday worth up to $20 billion for the cash-strapped South Asian country. Seven agreements and Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) were inked as Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman launched his diplomatic trip to Asia in Islamabad, with Pakistan hoping the deals will provide welcome relief to its teetering economy.
  12. This is my first trip (to the) east since I became the Crown Prince (in 2017) and the first country (that I have visited) is Pakistan,” boosted the CP.
  13. The Prince is expected to meet the Army Chief in personnel in Rawalpindi.
  14. He will also be meeting the President of Pakistan and will be presented with the highest civil award of “Nishan-e-Pakistan”.

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