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Deadly California wildfire kills 42 people while 200 still missing


We have already talked about the California wildfire that occurred last Thursday and still continues. The wildfire has burnt lives of many and now the death toll is 42. According to the authorities 200 people are still missing.

The wildfire, which struck at three different locations of California: Camp Fire in the North and the Woolsey Fire and Hill Fire in the south has been one of the most deadly wildfires in the history of US.

While the fire continues to take lives of many, President Trump claims that the root cause of the fire is the poor forest management. Such claims have not to be proven so far. The state of California continues to desperately look for aid from the Trump Administration.

The Governor of the state has following to say for the people of California: “This is truly a tragedy that all Californians can understand and respond to and it’s a time to pull together and work through these tragedies.”


What about the dead ones?

The dead ones were found in completely burned state in the houses (now ruins and structures), near their vehicles or inside the burnt cars. It seemed that the people (now dead ones) were struggling to escape. They were unable to come out of their houses on time. While those found near their vehicles could not breathe well and died of suffocation. Some were escaping and were in their vehicles, yet they could not escape the deadly fire: which burned them to death and their vehicles to remains.

Authorities are unable to identify many, as many were structures of bones and few were reduced from bones as well. Only a DNA test can reveal their identity now.


What is the current situation?

Currently, more than 8,000 firefighters are struggling hard to put out the fire. Yet the fire tends to grow bigger and bigger due to winds. Also, the dried brushes catch up the fire very easily which is making the case even worse.

In southern California, the firefighters were able to beat the fire. Even though there was low humidity there and gusty Santa Ana winds were predicted to blow. US 101, was also reopened. The Malibu residents were allowed to settle back to their homes. In Malibu, 2 people were killed while 180 houses were affected by the fire.

Yet by Sunday night, the fire took control of an area of more than 344sq km.

Why does the fire seem unstoppable?

As the Governor highlighted that climate change is the major problem,

“And those who deny that are definitely contributing to the tragedies that we’re now witnessing and will continue to witness in the coming years”

The state of California has seen serious drought problems in past and was able to cope out of it only last year, Drought and harsh weather contribute to the unstoppable fire. The climate changes and building of houses into the deep forest have made the situation worse than ever.


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